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Living Room Design

A living room which is usually the largest room in an apartment, house or villa, is the central location of every modern home. Comfortable, classic and convivial, this is specially designed for the entire family, where they spend most of their time and receive guests. So the choice in design, style, and comfort of a living room is highly essential.

Features of interior design of living rooms

While choosing the interior design of the living room, consider the following:

  • The preferences and taste of your family members;
  • The layout of the premises;
  • Functional specifics;
  • Desired style or arrangement.

Luxury Antonovich is one of the world’s most trusted living room design companies, offer a wide variety of classic contemporary styles.  At our studio, you will be able to customize your desired style with the help of our professionals, whose unique services has earned us our prestige as one of the best living room designers.

The style and charm of one room are greatly linked to the other rooms.  This helps give the house an attractive appearance and also create a harmonious home.

The nuances of living room design

Other great spaces can be attached to the living room; such as the kitchen space, library, and office or guest room. The choice of the design and styles depends solely on the customers taste. Our highly skilled professionals can help create that unique taste and style.

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