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Elegant Living Room Design

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The design of the living room can be considered a complete and self-contained part of the work on the house and apartment project. After all, designers use the living room interior to convey the main idea of each project, which expresses the essence of the house owners character. This large living room with a kitchen exudes a distinct charm of tenderness, warmth, and a caramel-candy mood. Everything is linked to the fact that the mistress of the house is a young lady with a very easygoing, cheerful, and pleasant personality. Antonovich Group interior designers used re-planning solutions to translate all of their ideas. As a result, a portion of the partitions was removed, creating a large area for this room, the continuation of which is a small kitchen.

Overall, the interior embodies the true triumph of classical style, to which the designers have added warm and romantic touches. This is due to a nice variety of pink shades. The stucco decor with gilding, which is present in the design of the walls and ceilings, looks amazing in this pastel shade. They are decorated in the best traditions of royal palaces. Elegant is a large crystal chandelier surrounded by exquisite curls of stucco decor.

The interior had several large windows that were framed by elegant pilasters with stucco molded capitals. They were followed by luxurious natural silk curtains in the classic style. A real marble floor with a carved pattern in the format of a true designers masterpiece. The Italian furniture is embellished with beautiful inlays, upholstery, and gilding.

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