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Joinery Production


Joinery work is a difficult procedure that needs a great deal of experience. There are several firms that provide similar services in Dubai, including Luxury Antonovich Design.

One of the primary sectors of our business is the manufacture of premium bespoke furniture in Dubai. When it comes to the process of joinery manufacture, wood is an expensive and finicky material that needs expert abilities.


  • Kitchens
  • Wardrobes
  • Sets for the bedroom
  • Cabinets for the Bathroom
  • Desks for receptionists

These are just a handful of the exclusive incentives offered to Luxury Antonovich Design Company clients. Contact our experts now for more information on Joinery Works in Dubai - simply give us a call! We distinguish ourselves from other Dubai joinery working firms by offering reasonable costs for our services and using a responsible approach.

With our assistance, you will transform your house into something attractive, pleasant, and very admirable. Luxury Antonovich Design is one of Dubais oldest and most well-known furniture makers. Hundreds of successfully completed projects have demonstrated our proficiency.

If youre seeking dependable joinery services, give us a call anytime! Every client will be very well assisted by our furniture and joinery experts. We are processing every order promptly to be completed in short terms. We are also bringing out the best quality and premium class designs.

Joinery Production

Joinery Production

Joinery Production


Luxury Antonovich Design has effectively built an exclusive brand image in several areas of the market over the last year, and we are now one of the most prominent interior fit-out contractors in Dubai and the Emirates.

Our reputation is backed up by an excellent portfolio of worldwide and local projects, as well as a diverse range of client brands. Our experience allows us to take on a wide range of challenging projects, including simple office or turnkey showroom fit-outs, as well as comprehensive restaurant or residential work that includes integrated civil/MEP work and customized manufacturing of wood-based furniture or other fit-out components. In order to give class premium solutions at all times, we focus on precision and complete engagement in project operations.


Our aim is to have an effect on our stakeholders worlds, minds, hearts, and souls by focusing on excellence at all times. We want our work to communicate in excellent English.



What is Joinery? This is the question that is often being asked of many, most especially during the inquiry stage of customers. The joinery is the major woodwork that completes every interior design. Joinery works are being conducted by skilled joiners who perform different types of specific tasks in every project. Joiners create every wood item within a workshop and “join” the pieces of wood together. Professional joiners are able to work on larger elements of construction like floors, wall framing, and roofs.


By performing different types of joinery design and techniques, Luxury Antonovich Design has been able to bring out the best services and finest design results towards every artistic woodwork for every project, especially in interior design. Its in-house joinery team has its full capacity to execute such premium class wooden techniques that create every project the most stylish and concrete. Joinery services are all about art and craftsmanship. By performing the best joinery solutions for such a project, each masterpiece always results in an excellent effect on every project. Luxury Antonovich Design is not your typical joinery company as it always assures you to use the best materials made up of the finest quality and composition. With hard work and great design inspirations, every joinery team always manages to provide nothing but the best quality and style like no other.


Luxury Antonovich Design is the leading joinery company that manufactures all types of woodworks in Dubai and internationally. Over the years, the company has been known as the best manufacturer of doors, wardrobes, cabinetry, kitchen design, wall panels, etc.

Joinery refers to fitting and creative woodworks for architectural and interior design. With a precise and finer working and finishing of the wood than in carpentry, joinery design is being formed. There are handcrafted joinery is performed on a joiner’s workbench, and joiner’s and carpenter’s tools are used in laying out the workpiece. With the use of the latest technologies, there are now different types of joinery procedures that are being performed using machinery that can do sawing and planning, cutting mortise and tongue-and-groove joints, slotting, drilling holes, scraping, and polishing), gluing, facing, assembly, and finishing.

Luxury Antonovich Design has its in-house joinery team that has the full ability to execute different artistic joinery works which are being used for projects. With full of creativity and artistic work, the team always manages to perform the most wonderful and remarkable joinery design. Joinery holds a very important role in every interior as it gives absolute convenience and functionality to every interior. When it comes to residential projects, joinery works are majorly referred to the kitchen structure which is being completed by kitchen drawers, cabinetry, and other kitchen moldings. The wardrobe interiors are also being composed of joinery creations which are being formed with great balance in style and spaces to achieve an organized and stylish interior mood.

Our production facilities with the latest technologies make Luxury Antonovich design one of the best specialists and fit-out contractors who provide the joinery service with superior and unrivaled quality. With a combination of state-of-the-art capabilities and experienced craftsmanship, we expect to produce bespoke joinery of high quality. For all our customers, we offer our own joinery workshop where our craftsmen create a distinctive product, the finest bespoke interiors, and architectural joinery items that underline the big significance and unique project purpose.


Antonovich Group Joinery Services provides high-quality handmade wooden doors. We work to your requirements; each door is handcrafted to ensure that it is perfectly suited to your house, right down to the smallest detail. Our products are gorgeous, durable, robust, and secure, providing you with everything you may desire and need in new outside doors. We specialize in manufacturing woodwork for period homes and listed structures, and we often make windows and doors to fit any property. Our doors will assist you in preserving your propertys historical beauty and uniqueness. We can also design and build joinery for modern homes, supporting you with the design process to ensure the completed product is exactly what you desire.

We operate in a different manner than major door providers. For starters, we dont hire salespeople; instead, we use highly qualified joiners and surveyors who are well-versed in the sector. A knowledgeable member of our staff will come to your home for a free consultation to listen to your needs, analyze your property, and provide you with personalized advice on timber doors.

Joinery Production

Joinery Production

Joinery Production

Joinery Production


Wood is a wonderful material for a variety of doors. Wood is an excellent choice for front entry doors, patio doors, and interior doors. Here are a few reasons why a wooden door can be a suitable choice for you:

Aesthetics - Nothing beats the elegance of a genuine wood door.

Tradition - Wood is an excellent choice for historic homes.

Strength - Wood is tough and long-lasting, and it may be treated to make it even more so.

Energy conservation - Wood is a natural heat insulator, thus it will help you conserve energy.

Longevity - If you follow our care suggestions, your timber doors will survive for many years.

Versatility - Wood is a versatile material that can be easily customized to create your dream doors.

Sustainability - Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available.

Joinery Production

Joinery Production

Joinery Production

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