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Design of Public Space

Public spaces design - is the creation of authors projects of hotels, restaurants, residential complexes, shopping centers and other facilities. Luxury interior design corresponds to Dubai fashion trends and possibilities of modern technology.

Lobby is the first thing a visitor sees when entering the building. They say that first impression, although sometimes misguided, often affects the subsequent decisions and actions of the person. The aesthetic and comfortable lobby can not only cause positive emotions, but also create a working (or, conversely, relaxed, it all depends on the functional purpose) mood, give energy, create a friendly atmosphere conducive to a successful business or a good rest.

Stylish Interior Design is the Key to Success

Regardless of the type of public facility, its owners are interested in increasing the number of visitors and their profits. The well-designed interior will help you to:

  • Organize office workspace, making it the hallmark of your company;
  • Create a stylish solution for a restaurant, bar or nightclub, increasing the flow of visitors;
  • Increase sales of stores and shopping centers, thanks to the professional methods of zoning and organizing a large space.

The design of public areas is one of the most difficult tasks for an architect, as for the development of the concept design he should use all his professional experience, apply a range of techniques and demonstrate knowledge in different spheres of life. This is not a private interior, the final form of which depends on the individual wishes of the owner.

But one of the main tasks of the internal spaces of public buildings, especially when it comes to office and shopping centers, to bring profits to owners. This means that every detail of the interior should work on the basic idea, to reflect the uniqueness of the authors concept, carry a powerful charge of positive qualities.

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