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Sauna and Hamam Design

The presence of the sauna or Hammam in a private house in Dubai has become an accessible element of comfort. And from the point of contemporary home design, it is possible to customize your home like a SPA.

The basic principles of Hamam and sauna construction are retained regardless of scale or your interest in a large bath complex or a small one.

Principles of saunas and Hammam arrangement

  • Materials for finishing surfaces: This largely depends on the type of material used for the baths: Finnish, Russian or Turkish. It’s indeed a fact that nothing can be compared to natural materials, they adequately maintain the air and high humidity; eg.. ceramics, wood, stone.
  • Furniture: The sauna is an old time tradition and in its construction, it is considered to adhere to traditional approaches. In most steam rooms, there are places to sit or lie and also water containers. In the break room, there are usually a few armchairs, a sofa and a small table.
  • Lighting: Sauna is a place for rest and relaxation. The light there is usually warm, even, dim.

The highly specialized and skilled teams of Luxury Antonovich Design are experts in creating a cozy sauna and hamma design beyond your expectation.

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