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A modern hamam is most often an enclosed space that is lined with marble and is equipped with natural stone or marble tile stone beds, as well as a variety of elements from materials such as mosaic. The mosaic in the interior of the hamam is used to decorate the walls, stone beds, ceiling, floor; it is also possible to create various panels and paintings from the mosaic in the interior of hamam. There is a large variety of mosaics Dubai made by Luxury Antonovich Design.

Marble is used for decoration of walls and floor; stone beds and massage tables are made from solid marble slabs. Traditional hamam interior is distinguished by luxury, thoughtfulness and functionality. Everything is designed and planned in such a way that would create an atmosphere of maximum comfort and relaxation. A genuine hamam resembles the royal palace. The uniqueness of hamam Dubai is that whatever the design, its decoration and architectural composition always follow the national tradition.


Despite the tradition of fit-out of hammam, modern advanced technologies for the construction allows Luxury Antonovich Design Company to create a unique look for each of them. This is achieved thanks to a wide choice of fit-out materials: various types of marble, mosaics, slabs. The special elements of the interior also play their part — marble benches, as well as kurna — wall marble bowls (waterbassin) in the hammam with taps for water. Kurna by Luxury Antonovich Design is a real work of art. In order to achieve the best result, the oriental ornaments and patterns, exquisite faucets for kurna, irregularly shaped fontbassins are used in the decoration of the hamam.

Fountains, sinks, stone benches, columns are used as architectural elements. By tradition, inside the hammam designed by Luxury Antonovich Design is luxurious, but at the same time functional and practical. Everything is arranged in such a way that the reigning atmosphere is as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The vaulted ceiling in the hamam Dubai, which is necessary for proper air circulation and condensate drainage, design of the hamam according to the radiation principle, features of heat and waterproofing, work with special fit-out materials to combine oriental luxury and specific operating conditions — to take into account these features of hamam construction must be trusted only to experienced craftsmen, such as our talented professionals of Luxury Antonovich Design.

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