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Swimming Pool Designs


Concrete Swimming Pool Types

Due to their considerable adaptability, concrete pools may be transformed into a number of pool forms to meet your landscape requirements. At Antonovich Group, we take satisfaction in being able to offer a broad range of swimming pool construction and maintenance services. We are now the most dependable swimming pool contractor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Observe the verdant spaces accentuated through the strategically positioned reflecting pool. Such pools tend to be shallow, crafted in a variety of personalized and intricate designs to create spaces that steal the spotlight. Frequently placed beside immaculately landscaped spaces, the reflections enhance the beauty of your backyard.
When you unwind in your personal pool, take in the dusk-colored skies. The recreational pool is perfect for evening soirées and family get-togethers. Bring your favorite beverage.
Keep an eye on your children as they play in the water. float while taking in the tranquility of nature. Smaller lap pools are perfect for relaxing outside in your private garden's lush setting.
On the brink of eternity, unwind. This pool gives off the illusion that it goes on forever. The infinity pool evokes the French luxury style with an overflowing edge that merges with the surroundings.
When you delve into an azure paradise, leave your troubles behind. These pools are ideal for making an energizing splash because they were especially designed for a fun and secure diving experience.

Water System for Pools

You may choose from a variety of water systems at Antonovich Group to meet your outdoor demands. Each system has its own benefits, whether they are convenience of use or a striking aesthetic effect that enhances your landscape design.

Plunge daily into crystal-clear water. By catching the material that falls into the pool and removing it before it has a chance to settle, the skimmers along the edge of the pool help to keep the water clear. In the long term, this is a terrific approach to lower pool upkeep.
The water spills from the edge into a nearby canal that is typically filled with stones to create a beautiful sight. The water itself resembles a sheet of glass without any distinct boundaries to contain it. For the best visual result, reflecting pools usually utilize this design.
This method uses a 3 cm aperture to allow water to overflow into, just like the overflow pool. This keeps the water levels steady and aids with pool upkeep.
Infinity pools only provide the overflowing method on one side, which offers a stunning visual delight, similar to the overflowing margins of reflecting pools. So indulge in the luxurious trend that has captured Europe and dive into the seas that hold out the promise of an endless mirage. In addition, we provide some of the top pool maintenance services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Swimming Pools Made with Concrete Have Benefits

Any backyard would be ideal for a concrete pool. They may be carefully crafted to match the concept of your landscape because to their high adaptability. They remain the top option for households and hotels due to their many benefits.

Concrete can survive a variety of climate conditions, unlike many other pool materials. Concrete can withstand all weather conditions, including the biting winter frost and the relentless summer heat. Because the pool material is perfect for the UAE, it is the top option for homes there.
Concrete provides long-term durability with little upkeep. They are a promising addition to any house and raise the curb appeal of your home thanks to their durability. As one of the leading swimming pool businesses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our priority is always excellent durability while controlling swimming pool upkeep.
Many fixed forms and sizes are available for fiberglass swimming pools. Contrarily, concrete may be quickly shaped into the desired forms, adjusted to fit the available space, and even customized to match the aesthetic of your landscape design. By doing this, homeowners are guaranteed the luxury of choice.
When you unwind in the deeper end, watch your kids play around in the kiddie pool. Concrete in-ground pools can be made in any form or style. Because to its tremendous versatility, you may design pools with a range of depths to meet the requirements and tastes of your family.

Other Features

The ideal pool may create a setting where every little detail is important. Create a backyard you'll never want to leave with carefully chosen accents that highlight those lovely blues. At Antonovich Group, we provide a range of modifications to let you design a pool that seems like a tropical getaway. Antonovich Group has developed a reputation as one of Dubai, United Arab Emirates' top swimming pool contractors for providing top-notch pools and landscaping services.

Lights may be used to draw attention to the mosaic patterns inside the pool as well as its form. Get in touch with waters that shimmer like diamonds while floating in the moonlight. To assist you manage the atmosphere of your outside space, we provide both remote-controlled and pre-set outdoor lights. So when night falls, relax in a softly lighted pool that looks to be filled with stars, or take pleasure in waters that point the way.
As you hold an outside BBQ, you'll find that your pool becomes the center of attention. After a morning swim, unwind beneath a vine-covered canopy. The terrace by the pool is the ideal addition to go with the clear waters.
Enjoy your morning routine with a friendly dolphin at your side as you swim through the sea with a couple of fish. A personalized atmosphere can be created while also enhancing the pool's shape and design with mosaic tiling. Choose or create a design that speaks to you. Enter a pool that is completely yours with the ideal mosaic accenting your waters. Our mosaic tiles will give you a style that lasts as long as the concrete itself since they are fade-proof, chemical-proof, and weather-resistant.
With temperature control, you can adjust the temperature whenever you want for the ideal swim. At Antonovich Group, we are familiar with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE's climate and geography. With temperature control, you may swim comfortably at the temperature you like.
With the variety of pool fence options available, you can increase safety without sacrificing design. At Antonovich Group, we provide a range of fence designs, including beautiful glass and wooden fencing. Moreover, we provide Baby-Loc fence. This is the perfect solution for times when the kids might not have your full attention because it can be set up or taken down at your convenience.
In your own pool, take advantage of the comfortable luxury of spas with underwater chairs. Take advantage of extra hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing experience in your backyard's lush setting.
Spend a peaceful evening with your loved ones while the air is filled with the tranquil gurgles of the waterfall. A magnificent water feature that emits the calming sound of a cascade or fountain will complete the poolside environment.
Our chlorine-free water systems are for you, whether you have sensitive skin or simply desire to be environmentally friendly. They make concrete pools last longer and provide an environmentally friendly backyard option!
Our selection of anti-vortex and anti-entrapment drains ensures everyone may swim safely by putting safety first.
Get ready for the morning swim, or clean off in the pool afterward. The outdoor showers may be completely customized and available in a range of styles to go with your outdoor décor.

Types of Pool

You may create and design a variety of pools with us depending on your needs.

Lap Pool
A lengthy, rectangular pool with lanes that's great for swimming.
Recreation Pool
A pool that is built with leisure activities in mind, perfect for spending time with loved ones.
Reflecting Pool
This kind of pool displays a beautiful reflection of the surrounding scenery and skyline.
Splash Pool
A shallow pool that is safe for toddlers and young children to enjoy with friends and family.

Why Choose Our Services?

Every element helps to create a captivating atmosphere. We arrange the patio to match the outside decor and install sophisticated watering systems and automated sprinkler systems to provide radiance all year long. Hence, while surrounded by a lush surroundings, float in the pool. They can also significantly lessen your gardening troubles while maintaining the quality of your outside space. You can enter the company of the greens every day when you leave with our assistance. Discover the peaceful gurgles of the river and the gentle singing of birds. Who would have guessed that the magnificent desert in the United Arab Emirates would be your ideal paradise? Other than the characteristics listed above, feel free to let us know if you have any additional ideas.

Our skilled team of pool builders and landscape designers pays close attention to every detail of the design to provide you with the perfect refuge to love. We are one of the top landscaping businesses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and we specialize in many different landscape improvements and designs. See as your garden is transformed into a tranquil haven with the help of creative solutions and original concepts. Combine the pools with a gazebo or pergola to create a tranquil area with shade. When combined with thoughtfully placed garden lights, a backyard that comes to life under the sky is a spellbinding setting for priceless memories. The perfect pool can only improve the landscape design when added to this.

Acid wash & regrout
Tile replacement
Fix leaks
Upgrade pool lights
Add water features
Total restoration
Pool system conversions

Why use concrete in pool construction?

Depending on the available area in your backyard and the intended use, concrete pools may be constructed in any form and size.

Based on their superior quality & design adaptability, they surpass all other types of pools.

We construct "shotcrete" pools at Antonovich Group. This technique for building entails "shooting concrete" to

a durable, impermeable framework that can bind with a variety of substances.

We provide a 2-year guarantee on all of our pool projects' filters, pumps, and lighting.

a 10-year warranty on the concrete framework and a 3-year warranty on the tiling.

Top Swimming Pool Design Provider

Antonovich Group is the top provider of swimming pool design, offering stunning and innovative designs that are both functional and beautiful. A swimming pool is not only a source of entertainment and relaxation but also a statement piece for any property. With the expertise of Antonovich Group, homeowners can have a luxurious and bespoke swimming pool design that suits their needs and preferences. When it comes to designing a swimming pool, there are a few key factors that must be considered, including the size, shape, and style of the pool. Antonovich Group takes all these factors into account, along with the property's existing features, to create a design that is harmonious with the surroundings.

The size of the swimming pool is an important consideration, as it will dictate the amount of space required for the installation. Antonovich Group takes into account the size of the property, the intended use of the pool, and the budget of the client when designing the perfect pool. For those with limited space, a smaller pool design can still provide an exceptional swimming experience, while larger properties can accommodate more extravagant pool designs. The shape of the pool is another crucial factor, as it can greatly impact the aesthetics and functionality of the swimming pool. Antonovich Group offers a variety of pool shapes, including rectangular, freeform, and custom shapes, that can fit any architectural style. The shape of the pool can also be influenced by the surrounding landscape, such as incorporating natural features like rocks and waterfalls.

The style of the swimming pool is also essential to consider, as it can set the tone for the entire property. Antonovich Group offers a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, that can be customized to suit any taste. The use of materials, such as tiles, stone, and wood, can also greatly influence the style of the pool and the surrounding landscape. In addition to the design of the pool itself, Antonovich Group also provides additional features that can enhance the swimming experience, such as lighting, water features, and outdoor seating areas. Lighting can create a dramatic effect, while water features like fountains and waterfalls can add a tranquil ambiance. Outdoor seating areas can also provide a space for relaxation and socializing, creating the ultimate outdoor oasis.

With the expertise of Antonovich Group, homeowners can have a swimming pool design that is both beautiful and functional. From the size and shape of the pool to the materials used and additional features added, Antonovich Group creates a bespoke design that reflects the homeowner's personality and lifestyle. A well-designed swimming pool can greatly enhance the value of any property, while also providing a space for entertainment, relaxation, and exercise.

Swimming Pool Design Solution from A to Z

Swimming pools are not just functional additions to a home; they are also luxurious features that can enhance its overall beauty and value. Antonovich Group offers a complete and comprehensive swimming pool solution that includes everything from the initial design and construction to the final touches and accessories. With their commitment to quality and attention to detail, Antonovich Group ensures that every swimming pool they build is not only functional but also beautiful and luxurious.

  • Design

The first step in creating a swimming pool is the design phase. Antonovich Group has a team of experienced architects and designers who work closely with clients to create customized pool designs that perfectly fit their needs and preferences. They take into consideration the available space, the desired shape and size of the pool, and any specific features or amenities the client wishes to include, such as waterfalls, slides, or jacuzzis.

  • Construction

Once the design is finalized, Antonovich Group begins the construction phase. Their team of skilled builders and engineers ensures that every aspect of the construction process is carried out with precision and attention to detail. From excavation and installation of the pool shell to plumbing and electrical work, Antonovich Group ensures that every aspect of the construction process is completed to the highest standards of quality.

  • Finishing

Once the pool is constructed, Antonovich Group turns their attention to the finishing touches. They offer a wide range of options for pool finishes, such as tiles, mosaics, and plaster, as well as pool decking materials like natural stone, pavers, and wood. They also provide pool accessories and features, such as pool lighting, heating, and automatic covers.

  • Maintenance

Antonovich Group also offers maintenance services to ensure that the pool remains in pristine condition for years to come. They provide regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment maintenance to keep the pool in top shape.

Antonovich Group provides a complete and comprehensive swimming pool solution from design to construction to finishing touches and maintenance. With their team of experienced professionals, commitment to quality, and attention to detail, Antonovich Group creates swimming pools that are not only functional but also beautiful and luxurious. Their expertise in pool design, construction, and maintenance ensures that clients can enjoy their swimming pool oasis for years to come.

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