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Engineering Consultant


Luxury Antonovich Design is a Dubai based ISO certified consultancy, operating within the areas of Engineering and Architecture.

The company is now established as one of the most trusted Engineering Consultant in the UAE. Our specialists provide full Engineering Design and Construction Supervision services.

Design Consultancy and Engineering services include:

Project study

Project organizing is a growing field of inquiry and management practice where Luxury Antonovich Design shows its expert and professional skills. Our best Engineering Consultants organize qualified project study that will determine whether the project is going to succeed. It is typically conducted before any steps are taken to move forward with a project, including planning. Such study identifies the project market and highlights key goals for the project based on researches.

Project planning

A plan is a key element of a project management system. Creating a project plan is a complex process that will be aimed at determining and agreeing on the best method of action to achieve the goals of the project. In the course of planning, all factors of its implementation are taken into account by our Engineering Consultants. This is a complex, multi-criteria function, involving the consideration, analysis and forecasting of several functional areas of the project.

Site survey and geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical surveys are carried out by our best geotechnical engineers and geological engineers in order to obtain information about the physical properties of soils at the construction site, for the subsequent calculation of foundations and design work at the proposed construction, as well as to prevent critical situations in the process of excavation and construction due to engineering geological conditions. Geotechnical surveys include surface and subsurface (geological) exploration of the site.

Concept design

The development of a concept design is a conceptual development of a functional and aesthetic ideology for solving a task. We proceed from the fact that before making a decision on the technical development of a specific project, at least two alternative conceptual options should be considered. This is exactly what our team of Engineering Consultant experts realizes: from two to four options with the ability for the customer to choose the final one. We implement the ideas in several different design options, of which later the final version is formed.

Detailed design

Our company develops a detailed design, as the final, and one of the most important parts of architectural design. The detailed design includes all working drawings, architectural and urban indicators, technical, engineering and environmental data, statements of materials, estimates and a work plan. Our team of Engineering Consultants develops the design with further coordination with state regulatory authorities; design is carried out in compliance with all state standards, safety requirements, regulatory documents and other standards.

Authority coordination

Luxury Antonovich Design Engineering Consultants prepare all the necessary documentation for approval of the project in state supervisory authorities. We calculate the characteristics and technical and economic indicators of the construction site. The entire approved part of the design project is developed in accordance with state norms, standards and rules. Mandatory components of this part are an explanatory note, budget documents, a section on the organization of construction work and the necessary drawings.

Approval & NOC

Project approval process requires the approval of a new project by a superior instance. It is a fundamental milestone that is very important for every project. Coordination of the developed project means the coordination of the technical project with the relevant organizations in terms of energy supply, fire safety, environmental protection, etc. Then our team of Engineering Consultants sends the project to the customer to coordinate with him the adopted design decisions. After approval, the project is subject to expertise.

Consultancy supervision services

Luxury Antonovich Design is the expert company providing solutions and services in civil engineering. Our Engineering Consultants team will undertake the complete turnkey design and supervision services of the entire project. We provide high quality supervision services by most qualified in monitoring and evaluating work executed on construction site, as well as take necessary actions to ensure the correct adherence and implementation of the design documents.

Project completion Certificate

This certificate is issued upon completion of all operations of all groups of project management processes in order to formally complete the project. When closing the project, our project manager considers all the previous information received from Engineering Consultants during the closure of the previous phases, allowing us to make sure that all work on the project is completed and the project has achieved its goals.

Technical & Economical Feasibility

Ordering Technical and Economical feasibility consultancy at Luxury Antonovich Design means getting a comprehensive expert analysis conducted by qualified engineers and economists. We offer evaluation of the financial costs of construction, the forecast of the possibility of implementation and analysis of investment project payback.

Preliminary Studies

The results of the preliminary studies by Luxury Antonovich Design are the basis for a comprehensive examination, which implies a financial and economic assessment of the project. We use our experience and technical knowledge to review and assess risks, as well as recommendations of appropriate measures.

Prepare Engineering Design

Luxury Antonovich Design performs professional engineering design for modern residential, office, commercial and industrial areas. Projects implemented by our company are a guarantee of top quality and high level of professionalism.

Tender Analysis

With experienced managers and qualified engineers we provide services for tender support both in the complex and on individual issues, as well as a careful process of assessment to identify the preferred tenderer. Our expert team will identify potential and successful tender opportunities best for your business growth ambitions.

Supervision and Construction

Luxury Antonovich Design assists our clients in concluding construction contracts and handles all project management, supervises their implementation.

Construction Consultancy

Our architectural, construction and consulting company provides expertise at an early stage to ensure construction projects are successful. We present competent comprehensive consulting service for our clients, guiding them through the process of creating their dream home.

Interior Designing

Luxury Antonovich Design Group of companies provides a full spectrum of services in turnkey interior architecture and design for residential and commercial clients around the world. From spacial planning to design supervision- this is our design process presented to clients.

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