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Luxurious Property design in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate

Luxurious Property Developments by Luxury Antonovich Design

The Luxury Antonovich Design is Proudly presenting the Dubai Hills Estate as the newest exclusive Luxury Residential Hub in Dubai. With an exclusive combination of elegantly-planned neighborhoods placed around a glorious land with the 18-hole championship golf course. As the largest development of its kind in the region, it’s an enjoyable environment as a new way to live along the city. Spectacular views of the Dubai horizon are accompanied by luxurious landscaped parks and gardens, widespread winding walkways and expansive open areas – to support a lively lifestyle.

The Genius Development of Space Planning for the Dubai Hills Estate

The Luxury Antonovich Design will provide the full Space Planning for every property at the Dubai Hills Estate with a complete development and systematical solutions. The Luxury Antonovich design can able to arrange the highest standards of developments as the Luxury Antonovich Design Team can able to do the proper balancing techniques for the full Space planning Progress. With the fundamental element of every interior design process as per the requirement of each property in Dubai hills. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team will start the Space planning task with an in-depth best professional way of analysis of how space shall be used and develop. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team will carefully provide the highest standards of draws up a plan that defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones

With a perfect variety of leisure facility, including enthusiastic children playground, delivering the all-inclusive style to live luxurious wellness – and make Dubai Hills Estate a perfect location for every residents and family of the sort of categories and nationalities. World-class universities, hospitals, hotel, and leisure facilities are also located in the community.

The Professional Property Consultants and Creator of Outstanding Construction Works

The Luxury Antonovich Design Team is an integrated company that provide the full professional Consultations and Construction Developments as it controls the measures of the designed Property to bring stylistic, technical, architectural and other parties for the Dubai Hills Estate into an absolute conformity with the design documentation, which is according to the requirement from the Dubai Hills Estate and the owner of the property. The Luxury Antonovich Design will be providing all the best Consultations towards the design of the project and other stages are implemented directly by the Luxury Antonovich Design Team, who is well aware of all the features of his calculations for the Dubai Hills Property. In other words, the Luxury Antonovich Design Team will be able to fully monitor the compliance of the developed scheme directly on the construction site at the Dubai Hills Estate. What constitutes the supervision stage that the Luxury Antonovich design company proposes to create and agree on a list of materials; for the supply of goods; selection of materials, compilation of the accompanying specification; visiting the client of construction centers, accompanied by our specialist; confirmation and payment for purchases required by authors design; delivery of purchased materials within the specified deadlines; full quality assurance.

A Complete Hassle-Free Experience Owning the Property in one of the Most Prestigious Estate

Luxury Antonovich Design is the Company licensed to use consulting and engineering businesses in Dubai, according to the engineering consultancy activities accredited by the Registration and Licensing Committee to practice Consulting Engineering & Contracting professions In Dubai which has the Direct connection with the Dubai Hills Estate Property Management, and with this very important factor, the Luxury Antonovich Design team can surely assist every client who desires to have the property in Dubai Hills to be able to process all the legal permits and requirements toward to own a property. The Luxury Antonovich Design team is providing the worry-free and effortlessly experience services while the client is owning the property in Dubai hills.

Providing many facades of suitability and indulgence that Dubai Hills Estate embraces of, the prospects to advance in properties across this main expansion are extremely profitable. With an extensive variety of property contributions extending from apartments of different sizes, platform townhouses, as well as luxury villas, give you a diversity of selections when considering purchasing the property. Reachable and accessible from the city’s main Airports, The Dubai Hills Estate community will also be providing different attractions like a jogging track, art exhibits, several types of water features, infinity pools and shaded reading gardens. Dubai Hills Estate will feature leading schools, hospitals, and a 7-km boulevard with innovative exclusive experience for Luxury Living.

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