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Glass Constructions Installation

Individual pieces of art that are substantially or entirely constructed of glass are referred to as glass art. It includes gigantic works and installation pieces, as well as wall hangings and windows, as well as studio and factory-made art, such as glass jewelry and tableware. Glass decoration enhances the interior design and mood of every setting. Artistic glass decorations such as mirrors also have their natural power to make a room look spacious and bigger. Its magical reflections brighten up every interior mood with a perfect plan and elegance, most especially for artistic glass decorations which are meticulously made up of glass artists.

Luxury Antonovich Design is using different types of art glass decoration as major parts of every interior setting. As it gives an extra luxurious and fascinating design, artistic glass also has a great sense of creativity and class which can be very well applicable in all types of interior design arrangements or concepts. With the help of our in house interior designers, glass decorations are being used to achieve the most desirable mood on the project especially for every residential property. Glass decoration can also be the greatest part of the interior accessories that will complete every interior mood with the best charm and elegance that will lighten up the mood of every area.

With the help of the Luxury Antonovich Design fit-out team, every interior deisgn setting will be able to achieve the most beautiful and lovely interior mood as the team uses different types of art glass decoration. This artistic design strategy can be tricky, however, if it is being conducted by the most professional and expert team, every interior mood will surely achieve the most satisfying design result that meets every clients standards.

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