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Design of Children's Room

The dream and desires of every child is to have a space or room in the apartment specially designed to meet his or her needs, desires and interests. This cozy and functional area should clearly reflect the child’s favorite colour(s) and other captivating features.

Starting with a small cradle until of maturity; a baby’s age is constantly evolving, absorbing all information that surrounds him/her. The interiors of a nursery therefore have great impact on a child’s physical and mental development. It affects his/her personal qualities, boosts interest, and defines characters, feelings and also build habits. So the interior of his/her personal room plays a very important role in their development.

The Children’s room design is based on special rules, as this is unique in its function. All the furnishings in the place should be in harmony with each other and most importantly, absolutely safe.

How to decorate children’s room

There are moments to be considered and captured when creating unique designs for children’s room. Here are some’

  • Correctly chosen style (depending on gender and age of child);
  • The size, natural lighting, the distance from the kitchen and living room also should be taken into consideration.
  • Properly selected elements of artificial lighting;
  • Properly selected finishing material (the material's texture, flooring and color scheme);
  • Properly selected furniture;

Looking to create a comfortable space for your amazing kids? The skillful team of Luxury Antonovich Design knows just how to create that cozy room.

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