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Kids bedroom for girls

Interior of lightness, pure joy, and genuine happiness created designers from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design for two sisters twins age five years.The authors of the project with the help of such a luxurious design sought to show the unconditional love parents to their daughters, and the desire to provide them with best.Classic style in the interior of children's room became the harmonious continuation of the design concept of the house. The design of children's room for girls is subject to certain rules.It is more delicate and light features, pastel range of shades and charming decorative elements in the form of bows, butterflies, and floral ornaments. Children's rooms are the most interesting and romantic direction in our work.The sincere joy that you get from communicating with the young owners of the rooms brings a lot of positive emotions.Interior of the house in the first place should give comfort and joy to every family member. And, in such an interior of children's room, girls will feel like real princesses.Interiors design which we offer our customers it is a world-class service and the highest quality.The design of the children's room embodies the best traditions of classical style and at the same time is very gentle and charming, as are the owners of the room. The design of the villa is beautiful and perfect in every room.For such interiors like children's bedroom, we select only the noble and natural materials. Children's wallpapers, which offer manufacturers can be matched to any interior style.Curtains in the interior of the children's room became a wonderful final moment of interior decoration. It's curtains in the palatial style with the charm of ease and grace.Especially luxurious look the interior has thanks to the decoration panels with backlight, and volumetric ornament in a form of butterfly.

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