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Design Project, Exterior Design, Landscape Design, Villa Design

LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN STUDIO provides services of premium interior and exterior design, landscape design. High-class professionals with years of experience perform all stages in creation of private objects, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls.


Our main principles in work are an exclusive design and flawless implementation.

The design project from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN is creation of elite interiors of from sketch to full implementation. All design solutions are based solely on your dreams and wishes. The team of leading designer creates absolute comfort for the most discerning connoisseurs of the world of luxury. We take into account the latest global technologies.


Design project includes

  • Measurement drawing with reference to communications.
  • Options of planning concept 1-2 options.
  • Style and color concept (option 1-2).
  • The plan of furniture arrangement (option 1-2)
  • Floors plan, materials specification.
  • Ceilings plan.
  • Lighting plan with adjustment.
  • Lighting layout, lines distribution to switches.
  • Sockets layout.
  • Section drawing to the ceiling of each room.
  • Doorways schemes.
  • Conditioning scheme.
  • Elevation drawing of the kitchen equipment.
  • Elevation drawing of plumbing equipment.
  • Elevation drawing of bathrooms with materials calculation.
  • Elevation drawing of walls for all rooms with materials calculation and detailed sections on all decorative areas.
  • Specification for furniture, with all the precise size and reference to shops.
  • Specification for electrical equipment.
  • Specification of lamps with calculation of light for each room.
  • Interior visualization in the program (2-3 options of each room).

The exterior design from our design studio in Dubai is a creation of beautiful masterpieces. Your home will be an architectural gem and a reflection of the high status. We work in different styles, from modern to classical and oriental. We provide exterior design services according to modern standards. We use high-quality materials.

Exterior Design

  • Observation visit to the construction site
  • Photography and necessary measurements
  • Discuss with the customer about the desired style of the exterior
  • Exterior Design Project, several options
  • Stylistic options of exterior design
  • Elevation drawing of facades
  • Plan of entrances and landscaping scheme
  • Elevation drawing of facades and entrances elements
  • Sketches of decorative elements
  • Elevation drawing of walls with decorative elements
  • Plan of outdoor lighting sources
  • Marking of doors and windows
  • Elevation drawing of walls with tile layout
  • Finishing materials specification

Landscape design from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN complement the architectural image of your home and it will become a luxury decoration. Our many years of successful experience in creating landscape parks, topiary ensures the best exclusive solutions, which will be the subject of your pride. We offer a full range of services of the highest quality, including further maintenance and support of the project.

Landscape design

  • Landscape designer visit of the site for consultation
  • Study of soil conditions and dendrology
  • Visual inspection, photographs collection
  • Discussion of the main project concepts
  • Landscape-planning assignment creation
  • Selection and suggestion of plants
  • Development of several design options and functional zoning of the area
  • Master Plan for the selected concept
  • Calculation of the territory balance
  • Layout Design
  • Specification with indicating the varieties of planting material
  • Planting drawings
  • Layout drawings with paths, playgrounds and landscape elements
  • Schemes of lamps arrangement
  • Offer of sculptural and decorative elements
  • 3D visualization with panoramic views
  • Implementation of the landscape project
  • Follow-up service

Villa project from the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN studio reflects the future of interior design and architectural design. We combine our experience, traditions and new technologies to provide you with the best that exists today. The villa project will be a reflection of your status, source of happiness and give the feeling of absolute comfort. Order a villa project at our studio and your wildest dreams will become a reality of a new home.

Villa project

  • Sketch design
  • Statement of drawings
  • Description of the main technical and economic indicators
  • Description of the main types of materials and structural elements of the villa
  • The master plan of the home with the villa placement on the site and the location of adjacent buildings
  • Arrangement of utilities supplying to the house (electricity, gas, sewerage, water supply, drainage).
  • Floor plans with the explication of premises
  • Roof plan
  • Facades in the axes
  • Elevation drawings
  • Architectural working drawings of the project with the types and dimensions of the main building elements.
  • Masonry plan of each floor with ventilation and enlarged fragments
  • Drawings of window and door units, detailing the size, materials, boxes, fenestration type, angles of opening.
  • Explication of floors
  • Statement of home decoration
  • List of layouts and decorative elements of the facade
  • Estimates of construction materials
  • Delivery of building materials on the construction site

Our services are your minimum expenses and our maximum impact.

We make the process of elite premises creation as comfortable as possible for our customers


  • Support
  • Selection of materials
  • Delivery of materials

Our main advantages

The worlds leading designers and architects with a successful experience work for you.

We maximum shield the client from the search of material, control of contractors and calls.

Our extensive experience working with remote clients will allow to implement all works at the highest level without personal presence. You can watch online and monitor the progress of work.

We use the best decorative materials in the development of design project.

All materials, lighting equipment and furniture we be delivered to a construction site directly from the manufacturer.
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