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Entrance Design

Entrance design in a private house starts with the definition of average temperature in the room. Because of this factor depends, what materials can be used in the decoration of walls, ceilings, and floors. If temperature fluctuations are too large, it is recommended to make an addition-vestibule.

Interior Creation Process

  • First of all, you should start with choosing the materials for floors and walls. The best choice for the hallway is to use tiles for the floor and to paint the walls.
  • Then, the interior of the hallway is filled with furnishings and light. For the decoration of the hallway you can use one light source and one wardrobe;
  • The last step is the decoration of entrance with plants or other accessories. If the hallway is big enough, you can hang a few pictures. And of course, there should be a mirror.

Design of a Long Hallway

The best way to decorate a long hallway is to divide it into two separate premises - the entryway and the hall itself. This can be done visually by using different colors or materials, or by installing a partition with a door. In the first case on the floor at the entrance you can use the tile or linoleum, and parquet or carpet in the lobby.

Interior of a Wide Entrance Hall

In the decoration of wide entrance halls you should follow the same rules as for other cases: use tile or linoleum for the floors and use washable paint for walls.

To sufficiently light up the hallway, there is no need to install a bright lamp over the door. It is better to place multiple sources of light: two or three small spotlights, sconces on the wall near the mirror or small chandelier.

Since you have plenty of free space you can use comfortable and roomy furniture:

  • The Cabinet, which comfortably fits all outerwear, umbrellas, bags, and capes;
  • The chest of drawers where you can put one of the lamps or a bronze statuette;
  • One or two bedside tables with a soft top for sitting.
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