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The Proper first impression of the house, of course depends on the interior of the main entrance design. In this design project of the luxury villa, the luxurious hall was the culmination of a great interior story. Designers beneficially used features of the architectural plan of the house.This part of the interior design for hall extends for two floors. On the second floor leads a double staircase of white marble.To give to the staircase portal more expressive look, interior designers was decorated the staircase banisters by dark wood valuable species. Within the portal are four white marble columns with gilded stucco capitals. They are visually holding a high ceiling.The entrance design ceiling is decorated by stunningly beautiful art painting with motives of paintings by Italian artists of the Renaissance. The center of hall design composition is completed by a massive crystal chandelier. The high windows decorated with velvet curtains of charming red wine hue.On the floor, carved patterns on the marble, repeat the ceiling decor motifs. Hall interior blends in with the luxurious living room area. Interior of the living room in classic style meets the best traditions of French royal palaces of the 18th century. A special role in creating a cozy and very aristocratic environment belongs to an elite furniture. Upholstered furniture inlaid with precious fabrics and carved decoration of handwork. The floor of marble is decorated with carved patterns.And to soften the coolness of the noble stone, designers have added to room interior a large natural carpet. Exclusive velvet curtains have become a perfect final touch to the beautiful interior of the design plan.

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