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Retail fit-out services in Dubai

We strive to exceed our clients expectations by offering competitive prices, innovative designs, and high-quality retail fitout services.

Our Team performs developments towards the widest variety of:


Luxury Antonovich Deisgn is the most trusted and reliable commercial and retail fitout Dubai that offers complete and practical solutions for every retail store and another form of commercial establishment in the city. Being the most expert commercial fitout Dubai, the company and its team always assure to bring out all the best services that will always be resulted in the most unique and stylish form of commercial structure that will surely attract every customer that the retail shop is targeting.

The interior fit-out of a business is a critical component that must be maintained at all costs. We are one of the top Interior Fit Out businesses in Dubai, and our distinctive styles and gorgeous works set us apart. We have had huge success stories in recent years and have built the finest for our clients.

Luxury Antonovich Design is the top leading interior design firm in Dubai. With our perfectionism and meticulous performances our team always aims to accomplish the finest structural design result that absolutely meets the client’s satisfaction in terms of retail fitout in Dubai. We always work accordingly to meet the allotted budget for the project and manage to recommend the best materials that will complete the structural design of the project. We bring forth an Interior Design Perfection is our uniqueness in providing the finest for our clients, regardless of the size and form of the space. By delivering artistic and creative spaces in the interior fit-outs, Our team always manages to work efficiently, to be able to create the full design and idea exactly according to the right Interior Fit Out requirements.

Our team works with the highest standards in building the greatest infrastructure possible that will meet the high expectations of our clients. We have been extensively educated to provide the highest quality finishing work and will continue to do so in order to satisfy our clients, which we consider as our great privilege to deliver the best retail fitout in Dubai.


Luxury Antonovich Design is a well-known name in the world of interior retail fit-out, offering comprehensive solutions from concept to completion, including MEP and joinery, backed by substantial in-house facilities and highly competent staff. We have more than a decade of experience in retail fitout, including the construction of high-end restaurants and lounges, hospitality projects, retail showrooms, shopping malls, commercial and premium private residences, corporate projects, and unique projects such as floating restaurants, villas, and yachts. Luxury Antonovich Design is certified to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007. They have a track record of successfully delivering retail fitout infrastructure projects throughout the Middle East, USA, South Africa, the Far East, Europe, and India.


• Having Most Practiced Workers

• Excellent and Experienced Team

• Accomplishments

• The accomplishment of the job

• Professionalism

• Reliability

• Team Work

• Grateful character


We have the most expert Retail Interior designers in Dubai that have the ability to conduct the most remarkable Retail fitout interior design and services. Our team always manages to produce a professional collection of documents that enable the created concept to be implemented successfully, rapidly, and affordably. We provide the utmost creative performances in the retail Interior design concepts in Dubai, regardless of the concept and mood it is requiring.


The interior design of the salon must be as attractive as possible, and it impacts the Visitors attention to the stylish and catching design. Every salon or beauty parlor idea is particularly detailed about the concerns of expected consumers since space functionality is crucial. Every salons interior design should have a very appealing and welcoming design for guests. As a result, the need for salon interior design has increased. The appealing design of beauty salons will enhance visitors to the spa, resulting in increased profits. Customers preferences will differ depending on the sort of interiors given by salons

Luxury Antonovich Design builds beauty Spa projects in Dubai and around the Middle East and has amassed a strong portfolio of global and local clientele. Client satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we will always strive to exceed your expectations.


• Classic Style Salon Interiors and Fitout work

• Modern Style Salon Interiors Fitout work

• Spa interior Design Fitout work

• Luxury salons and spa Interiors Fitout work

• Beauty salon Interiors and fitout work

By conducting our services towards Salon interior design Dubai, we are experts in offering a wide range of design options. Salons and spas are meant to provide a relaxing and peaceful setting that will relax both the mind and the body. The use of numerous styles in design and décor will create a gorgeous and peaceful environment in the spa or salon.

Our salon interior design services in Dubai include the following decorative styles:

• Modern interior design and decoration

• Minimalist interior mood

• Arabian style interior

• Morocco-Designs

• Eco-friendly interior design and decoration

We create the most beautiful salon interior design in Dubai that features the greatest service to be attractive to every customer that walks through the door of the salon. With the inclusion of using the newest technology, our designs are always remarkable.


  • DEWA
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Trankhees
  • Dubai Municipality

Space planning
Conceptual design
Project management
Renovation & refurbishment


Luxury Antonovich Design is Dubais most well-known as the provider of fitout retail Dubai. Although we are based in Dubai, we provide retail services throughout the United Arab Emirates. As the leading retail fit-out company in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design provides the best retail services throughout the United Arab Emirates. By offering great formulation of a concept, design creation, rebuilding of premises, fit-out and finishing works, engineering system installation, and outfitting are all included in our turnkey service.

By having the most experienced and competent individuals work at Luxury Antonovich Design, This retail fitout company objective is to apply its expertise and professionalism to the development of retail projects of any scale. Our goal is to deliver quality and adherence to agreed-upon parameters towards every store fit-out Dubai. Our team has a lot of expertise in completing retail renovations in shopping malls and other store fitout Dubai. There are also several retail locations for vehicle dealers and other businesses that are housed in different buildings. The interior and external fit-out of retail buildings is something we do.

Retail Interior & Fit-Out

Retail Interior & Fit-Out

Retail Interior & Fit-Out

Retail Interior & Fit-Out


1. Our company offers cost-efficient and effective work procedures. We always assure that the cost and quality are perfectly balanced. That is why our clients continue to recommend us and return to us for new projects.

2. With our high-caliber in-house interior fitout team, we may expedite the process by adding another team member to your project. Fast and efficient executions are what we are offering.

3. We guarantee a very successful turnkey solution.

From conception to completion, we provide a comprehensive variety of fit-out services for separately placed stores and boutiques in big retail malls. Our organization offers the option of ordering a package of services or using our services on an individual basis. Fitting up the business on a turn-key basis is a cost-effective choice (cost with materials is far lower than when ordering individual works in different other companies).

Interior Design and Fit-Out Services for Retail Spaces in the United Arab Emirates

Our solution professionals conduct a thorough study of your requirements in order to envisage your retail store model, and then we connect you with retail fit-out experts who can advise you on the latest trends that are appropriate for your retail goals.


You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

Your companys personality is reflected in your retail showroom.

Give it to someone who knows what theyre doing.

Interior fit-out is the end-to-end process of transforming a barren area into a livable place. Planning and designing are at the heart of any space fit-out. Nowadays, environmental friendliness is a crucial component considered in moderating energy consumption and producing a greener environment, thus the sustainability element is garnering a lot of attention. Before conducting a retail space fit-out, the location is normally left unoccupied so that the residents may determine how much restoration and furniture is required.

Due to high expectations from a shop environment, retail design is a difficult subject. Because the primary goal of any retail zone is to stock and sell items to customers, these zones must be designed in a way that encourages shoppers to have a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.

A good retail interior fit-out contractor concentrates on the layout and structure of retail stores, as well as bringing their own creativity to the table while keeping the practical factors in mind. They contribute to the creation of a distinct branded retail environment.

Luxury Antonovich Design methodically connects our clients with a renowned retail store fit-out contractor to offer a neat and fully functional space, whether they are a developer, landlord, or end-user.


• Interior Design and Fit-Out Contracting for Shopping Malls

• Contracting for the design and fit-out of jewelry showrooms

• Interior Design and Fit-Out Contracting for Flower Shops

• Interior Design and Fit-Out Contracting for Pharmacies and Drug Stores

• Turnkey Interior Services for Retail Showrooms

• Store Renovation and Redesign Services for Retailers

• Interior Design and Fit-out Contracting for Department Stores, Supermarkets, and Hypermarkets

• Interior Design and Fit-out Contracting Exhibition Stands and Kiosks

Enticing Interiors can help you increase foot traffic in your retail store.

Today, with Luxury Antonovich Design, you may hire a retail interior fit-out expert.

From hundreds of accessible brands in the industry, Luxury Antonovich Design can assist you in selecting the best interior design and fit-out firm in the UAE for your dream project. Our team discovers the most suitable matches from a pool of interior fit-out firms in UAE, capable of producing your dream project in the style that you desire and deserve, based on your budget and specifications. A simple procedure of sharing your requirements with us via a simple form reduces your effort and time spent searching for a good interior design and fit-out firm in the UAE and yields beneficial results. Its also a ZERO-FEE method! Dont put off bringing your area to life any longer. Allow yourself to be indulged in a wide range of interior design options.


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