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Car Showroom Retail Fit-Out in Dubai Hills

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From conception to completion, we provide a comprehensive variety of fit-out services for separately placed stores and boutiques in big retail malls as well as luxury car showrooms. Our company offers the option of ordering a package of services or using our services on an individual basis. Fitting up the business on a turn-key basis is a cost-effective choice (cost with materials at its lowest than when ordering individual works in different companies). Luxury Antonovich Design offers the best car fitout service in Dubai. In fact, our team has become recognized as the top car store fitout company in the UAE. We offer the most luxurious and stylish fitout car showroom that features the newest design innovations and design technologies to level up every interior mood into the most updated and high definition of interior modernity.


Luxury Antonovich Design has introduced great design implementations of the new innovations and latest trends in developing architecture and interior design towards commercial establishments and public spaces. Using the premium quality and finest fibber glass towards the full architectural design is featuring absolute modern style architecture. This type of concept for architectural work requires very meticulous and expert design solutions that only professional has the full ability to perform. From the updated design for the architecture, entering these modern style motor cars showrooms is such a very fascinating design as it is being filled with the high definition technology and decorations. From the ceiling artistic wall and glass windows, and how the interior has been filled with a modern minimalist décor arrangement.


This commercial property is intended to display expensive luxury cars that have a very high value and expensive prices, that is why it is only a must to have a very nice and accurate spacing arrangement towards the interior. Each of the car displays will occupy huge spaces as well, that is why a luxury motor car cars showroom usually has a very spacious interior. Luxury Antonovich Design team has conducted very systematic solutions towards the space planning to be able to achieve the perfect balance in a modern style at the same time will emphasize the artistic decorations.

From the showroom proper, the establishment has been divided properly to be able to have great spaces for offices and another part of the building which is being required. Even the offices interior deisgn is filled with the most updated modern interior mood that is perfectly suitable for their products. With Luxury Antonovich Design, every project which is being required to have the most outstanding and stylish interior mood is very well performed. And with the help of the right team that will be able to perform absolute design solutions, Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to achieve the greatest satisfaction from every property owner.

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