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Are you seeking for the serenity, privacy, and comfort that a suburban home provides, as well as the advantages that city life provides? Then its time to think about a penthouse. A penthouse is the top level of an apartment that is distinguished from other units by premium amenities. It is often set back from the exterior walls and does not take up the entirety of the roof deck. A second elevator is frequently used to offer access to a rooftop unit. When it comes to luxury penthouse interior design, nothing can beat the expertise and signature craftsmanship that Antonovich Group is offering. Through this article, Antonovich Group proudly welcomes you to see one of its recent creations of a signature interior design setting for a luxury penthouse in Palm Jumeirah Dubai.


People acquire penthouses for a variety of reasons, including stunning vistas and plenty of room, particularly in Palm Jumeirah. However, unless the flat is already equipped, one additional step youll have to consider when selecting the ideal penthouse unit is selecting the correct furniture to suit your beautiful new living space. So, to get you started, here are just a few of the ideas and tactics that design professionals offer when outfitting a rooftop apartment. Some experts advise against overcrowding the place. Because many penthouses are fairly open, you want to seek high-quality furnishings that complement the attractiveness of the property. You should project an elevated style that corresponds to the high situation. You may also consider using a complementary color palette. If the penthouse has an open floor plan, you may use a single-color family to bring everything together. While some owners like white, others choose a more neutral color. Neutral hues frequently appear more refined. Choose wood furniture for a cozier look.


Consider quality items while shopping for furniture. Consider items that match the image you want to project if you want a more formal approach. Consider a semi-circular couch or combining distinct pieces to create a cozier seating area if you want to create a more comfortable location to host visitors. Consider unique furniture built expressly for the room if you truly want to make a statement. While huge pieces of furniture are likely to be required to fit such a large layout, smaller items are also required to balance out the overall appearance of the penthouse apartment. This luxurious apartment in Palm Jumeirah boasts stunning views; Antonovich Group always assures to make the most of them when it comes time to decorate the room. Place bedroom sets, tables, and sofas so that you and your guests can thoroughly appreciate the views, whether youre just waking up or sipping a cocktail and watching the sunset at the end of the day.

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