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Majlis Interior Design

Modern Arabic Majlis Design is extremely popular today in the UAE. The fact is that it organically combines classic Eastern sophistication, luxury, and convenience.

The thing is that in Arab society, the concept of the visitor is not as simple, as in Europe. For example, if a worker came to speak with the head of a company, he is considered, as an equal. Therefore, the Majlis is of great importance, both social and public. No matter what social position a person holds, this room is open to all who come in peace. In the modern world, the Majlis interior design is almost identical to that luxury one which prevailed in the houses in past centuries.

There are the following features of Arabic Majlis Designing in Dubai:

  • Large, bright rooms with the correct outlines;
  • The abundance of mirrors, which visually expand the space;
  • The natural wood furniture inlaid with pearl and bronze with pink, blue or green coating;
  • Spectacular luxurious textiles: satin, silk, high-quality viscose and cotton in the same tone or with a subtle pattern;
  • Noble color palette – the combination of white with gold, pastel colors, and sometimes simply black blotches.

Features of Majlis Interior Designing

When creating these interiors, our specialists consider all wishes of the customer. We do our best to realize your most daring ideas, and extensive experience of our designers will help you to avoid common mistakes.

Each project of Majlis design in Dubai and Sharjah, which we created, is highly individual and tailored to the characteristics of the room.

Distinctive features of the Arabic style in interior design:

  1. The richness of detail and complexity of the forms. Every decorative element in Arabic style is a work of art.
  2. Tassels on pillows, gold thread embroidery in a complex, intricate pattern. The interior itself consists of a huge number of small details.
  3. Majlis Designers use a great variety of materials: heavy curtains and bedspreads embroidered with Golden threads, drapery and pillows made of silk and velvet, etc.
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