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interior design Majlis in Al Ain

Eastern culture is full of wonderful traditions that embody the features of this country and its people. The interior design of the villa in Al Ain combines design motifs that come from Europe and the beautiful oriental flavor. Interior Designers Al Ain Luxury Antonovich Design studio offered a combination of oriental and classical style for beautiful villa interior .Part of the villa project was majlis design. This room, which in the eastern interior of the special mission. And majlis design Al Ain perfectly reflects the main tradition, which is the warmth and hospitality. On the ground floor is allocated a separate room for the Majlis interior . To comfortably accommodate the maximum number of guests interior designers have proposed to place around the perimeter of the room comfortable sofas. We offer our valued customers a luxurious furniture from the best Italian factories. And this furniture is made according to the sketches of our designers and then delivered directly to the site. Soft sofas are upholstered in luxurious silk with printed motifs that shimmer with pearly luster. The shining mood of purity and freshness in the Majlis interior sets bright range of colors. The floors are decorated with white Italian marble with carved patterns. The decor of the walls is filled with boiserie mirror panels in the eastern frames. This creates a wonderful feeling of home warmth. Part of the walls is complemented with gilded stucco . Arched windows decorated with luxurious curtains made from delicate silk. majlis design Al Ain has become an ideal continuation of the overall design concept of the villa.

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