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Dining Room Interior Design

The dining room is an important part of the house. Here the family gathers for lunch, or for dinner. Here we discuss common plans and the events of the day. Many family celebrations are held in the dining room. So that is why when you are going to change its appearance, you should be very careful. In the interior of the dining room and living room, everything must be perfect and thought out to the smallest detail. You should carefully select furniture and tableware, as well as lights, curtains, and various decor elements – all should be chosen with taste and harmoniously fit into the overall design.

Design options depend on the overall plan. The dining room can be separate or shared with the living room; kitchen, or it can even include both functional areas at the same time.

Combination of Dining Room and Living Room

This combination will require quite a lot of space to build a dining area and a place where you can relax on a sofa. The layout and design of the dining room, in this case, must organically fit into the interior of the living room, emphasizing stylistic unity. This can be achieved with the help of decorative walls, color accent, and multi-level lighting.

Combining Dining Room with the Kitchen

This option is the most comfortable one: in this case, you set the table and clean the utensils conveniently and fast. A specially designed ventilation system will protect from the spread of food odors.

You can separate the working area from the dining room with the help of several methods:

  • Bar can be a visual boundary;
  • By using finishing materials: ceramic tiles in place for cooking and laminate or parquet flooring under the dining table;
  • With the help of area lighting. A hanging lamp for the table and built-in sources for other places.

Studio Layout

Combining the kitchen, dining, and living is a modern popular decision. The primary objective of interior design, in this case, is to achieve a complete image of the interior and at the same time, to maintain the separateness of each zone.

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