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Luxurious Dining Room


A one-of-a-kind dining room interior design Dubai should pique guests' interest and spark conversation. It's crucial to create a unique environment that reflects the homeowner's personality and lifestyle, while also ensuring the room is effectively designed, whether it's through attractive artwork, colors, or furnishings. It's critical to know what purpose a room will serve before creating it. Is the room going to be used for formal dining events or casual get-togethers? How many seats are required? Should the space encourage small-group or large-group conversations? Is there a need to serve or store formal dinnerware in this area? After you've answered these questions, you can start arranging your area and choosing materials and furnishings. During a social gathering, guests spend a lot of time in the dining area. A well-designed dining room interior design Dubai should encourage people to converse, which means the environment shouldn't be too noisy or distracting. It can be difficult to create a quiet and intimate atmosphere in an open-concept home without losing style. Make the dining table the focal point of the space so that your dinner partners are the center of attention. 


A one-of-a-kind dining room interior design Dubai makes a statement and creates an indelible impression, but it should also elicit dialogue and reflect the homeowner's personality. A space's color palette, artwork, or accessories might disclose information about the homeowner, providing a more customized eating experience for visitors. Use your hobbies or passions as a guide to creating your distinctive home. Anything that offers you joy can be hung on your walls. We couldn't resist using the marbles as a freeform, as well as a fun light fixture to finish the area. Colors and textures that are one-of-a-kind can radically change a space, and the walls are a fantastic place to start—whether with a bold paint color or a textured wall covering. To heighten the drama of this room, Luxury Antonovich Design, the best interior design company in Dubai, used a marine-grade high-gloss paint finish from Europe. The juxtaposition of a classic color palette applied in a contemporary approach helps this space stand out from other dining room interior design Dubai. Whether it's with unique artwork, bold wallpaper, or custom furnishings, create a space that intrigues guests and encourages them to converse. Think of what would inspire excellent conversation. Part of the distinctiveness of this area comes from how we handled the faceted ceiling. The team positioned paneling on the ceiling in an unusual way, bringing texture and color to the space.


Because dining room interior design Dubai often feature more hard surfaces and fewer fabric-covered ones, embellish these planes where one's sight naturally travels. Don't miss an opportunity to create intriguing textures and surfaces in the key horizontal planes: the floor, the table, and the ceiling. Beautiful lighting fixtures may transform an ordinary dining area into something special. Luxury Antonovich Design, the best interior design company in Dubai, believes that lighting brings this area together. The dramatic chandeliers, with geometric glass pendants that mimic the room's geometry, finish the desired impression of the space. The gleaming wallcovering, the huge artwork, and the eye-catching chandeliers all work well in this area. Lighting is crucial. To avoid harsh shadows over guests' faces, avoid using downlights whenever possible, especially directly over chairs. Chandeliers should be hung low, between 28 and 34 inches above the table. Use wall washers to highlight the art and intriguing features on the perimeter wall to give it a glow. As many eye-level light sources as possible, such as sconces, should be used. When the dining table is the dominant feature of the space, guests will feel more motivated to take a seat and converse with one another. Once the table is in place, arrange the rest of the furniture and accessories to suit the focal point. 

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, UAE

Plot Size: 2,960 sq. ft

Build Size: 1,768 sq. ft

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