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Our Services in Saudi Arabia

Our services in Saudi Arabia

The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design performs the full range of services in the field of interior design and exterior in Saudi Arabia. The companys specialists develop and embody the unique architectural design projects and the architectural solutions in the field of Saudi Arabia finishing of the exterior walls of the building of any complexity. We work “turnkey“ with all kinds of buildings and interiors: high-end villas, offices, shopping centers, administrations, public and residential buildings.

Our team of professional designers, developers and builders develop the interior rooms and exterior facades. The variety of works includes a whole list of building and repair operations from projecting to design, from the finishing to the replanning of the rooms and facade of construction. Each project (planning or decorating) is a unique elaboration of the design, unrepeatable idea, and customized solution.

The designers of our design studio in Riyadh work exceptionally according to the customers wish, also they agree all solutions with to the customers opinion. At any stage of the design, our designers give a full consultation about the recommended materials, decoration techniques and design features of your interior. Furthermore, our prices take into account the possibilities of customers!

Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers a variety of areas of project and repair activities:

• Design in visual intelligible form, the drawings are accompanied by 3D images.
• Development of replanning and other optimization of the space.
• Development of an interior design project.
• Development of the interior style, the façade and the decorating.
• Selection of furniture, home appliances, sanitary ware.
• Selection of finishing materials and decor.

• Architectural projects.
• Consultations of designers and planners in any period of the work performance.
• Completion paperwork and account valuation.

Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design works with public and residential premises. Houses, cottages, individual projects and private rooms. Cafes, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, night clubs, swimming pools, cinemas, as well as offices, business centers, shopping areas and shops, boutiques and beauty salons. The territory of our projects are not limited, as well as the fantasy of our operative professional interior designers.

The ideas of the interior designers and projectors are turne into reality only with high-quality modern materials. It provides reliability, aesthetics and unique look of the interior and the facade of the building. We guarantee the excellent quality of implementation in Saudi Arabia with alacrity “ turnkey”.

Our projects meet the high level of construction because the professionalism and responsibility provide the quality and durable result. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design takes up a leading position in the area of the professional design development of the interior and the facade.


Being well known internationally as the best provider of the finest architecture and interior design services, Luxury Antonovich Design has extended its capacity to perform and develop such prestigious project design executions in Saudi Arabia. Over the years, Luxury Antonovich Design has gained different acknowledgment towards its finest design executions and outstanding work performances which has been conducted in every project management in Saudi Arabia. As the leading interior fit-out and consultancy in Saudi Arabia, Luxury Antonovich Design is able to bring out complete turnkey solutions. By offering world-class design services, each project is being accomplished with the most satisfying design results.

Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the top of the choice in performing such high requirements in developing prestigious projects in Saudi Arabia whether it is a residential villa, commercial establishment, hospitality, offices, mosque, public spaces, and even industrial projects. We cater to the highest volume of project executions from every individual property as we specialized in performing luxury interior design. Our premium services involve the development of high-end luxury facilities and properties in Saudi Arabia such as Palaces, Royal villas, Hotels, High-end apartments which is being owned by VVIP, elite personalities, and world top leaders and celebrities.

For the best convenience and efficiency, Luxury Antonovich Design is performing complete project turnkey solutions which executed each property development from A to Z. As the leading architecture and interior design company in Saudi Arabia, Luxury Antonovich Design produces high-end luxury furniture including customized designers pieces as it has its own manufacturing and factory that produces the most luxurious furniture and decorations made up of premium class materials and finest finishing.


  • We have our in-house professional and expert interior designers, architect, engineers, and project managers that have the full ability to perform absolute design executions towards every project with international standards.
  • We are using different advanced technology and facilities which is being operated by a skilled and expert team
  • We offer the widest variety of furniture, decorations, and materials with different sorts of ideas to choose from.
  • We work with full of greatest visions, art, and inspirational design which is being performed to meet perfection.
  • We have the most hardworking and dedicated team which is willing to extend all the capacity only just to meet every requirement.

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