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South Africa

Interior design company in South Africa

Interior design company in South Africa Luxury Antonovich Design will develop for you a unique design solution based on your taste and features of an area.We create interiors in which to live comfortably, to work, to rest, to create. Whatever you want to improve - the interior design of the apartment, home or office - entrust this task the professional studio. We will help you plan every centimeter of premises.Interior design by design studio implies not only a competent planning but also to create a favorable atmosphere. According to psychologists, a harmonious space at home contributes to the improvement of human health. For example, in a comfortable and cozy bedroom, a person needs less time for sleeping, and mood rises in a beautiful living room.Interior design company in South Africa Luxury Antonovich Design develops design projects houses, apartments, commercial buildings. In addition to creating the interior design itself, our experts offer services in 3D visualization and designer supervision of works.

The interior of the Interior design company in South Africa Luxury Antonovich Design - is the embodiment of your desires!

Our services in South Africa:

  • The design of residential interiors
  • 3D-visualization
  • Design of public interiors
  • Design of offices
  • Cafes and restaurants Design
  • Design of beauty salons
  • Design of shops
  • Authors supervision
  • Interior Design Project
  • Creating a 3D-visualization

3D-visualization of the interior will allow you to:

Make adjustments to the design of the apartment before the start of construction work. This will help to achieve a result that will satisfy you at 100%. Get the most accurate calculation of the cost of repairs. Based on the image, you can calculate everything from surfacing materials to the cost of furniture and accessories.Get rid of the various questions of the builders. Development of design project. From time to time you are thinking about changing the interior, but the prospects of trips to the shops in search of materials and furniture, the need for total control of the construction team and not certainty terms, is scaring you? In this case, the services of developing the design projects of a house or commercial property will help you. It includes a 3D-visualization of interiors and all the necessary project documentation for the construction workers.

By ordering a design project from Interior design company in South Africa Luxury Antonovich Design, you can be sure that it will be developed according to your wishes and expectations. 3D-visualization will allow envisaging all to trifles and the project documentation will be a clear guidance for builders.

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