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Luxury House Plan

Luxury house plan from Luxury Antonovich Design means the maximum comfort and functionality.

We will create for you a luxury home that will exceed your expectations. If youre only in the first phase of land purchase, then we will offer individual and proper decisions on area planning.  
We offer Luxury house plan for customers from around the world. Your house will be perfect for each family member. All projects are in line with the latest technology and global trends in design and architecture.

Our upscale Luxury house plans that is exactly what you are looking for.House layout emphasizes individuality and status of their owners. Also, if at the design stage considers the interests of all members of your family, life in such a house will bring only joy and happiness, which in itself can not be measured with any money. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the development phase of the project.

Individual House layout from Luxury Antonovich Design work involves highly skilled architects, designers, engineers and the customer himself. As a result, emerge real masterpieces. We will work through all the details and will pay close attention to all your needs.

The main stages of House planning:

  • Landscaping design and the location of all construction sites.
  • Material selection for future construction
  • Floor plans
  • Site plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Approval of floors plans drawings
  • 3D-models of Villa designing
  • Creation of all structural and architectural drawings
  • Engineering design

Luxury house plan from Luxury Antonovich Design is the realization of the most cherished dreams of your own luxury home. 

Our specialists will develop a House layout, which will be dedicated to the happiness of your family.

Luxury house plan from Luxury Antonovich Design allows you to consider all the highest requirements of our valued customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Kongo, Uganda and other African and Asian countries.

Luxury house plan from Luxury Antonovich Design harmoniously will combine your wishes and ideas of the best architects.

Exterior elevations plans are the high-precision developments in compliance all architectural canons. The appearance of the building will be harmonized with the surrounding landscape.
Exterior elevations plans reflect the tendencies inherent in modern architecture. The exterior of the building will fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, and the villa itself will be a real gem of the architectural ensemble.House layout is very clearly speaking about owners respectability, their subtle sense of beauty and their desire to afford the very best.

Architects Luxury Antonovich Design harmoniously combines architectural details, the texture of the walls, and colors.Each architectural studio project reflects an accurate perception of three-dimensional forms and shared space. As a result of this work produced Luxury House Plan, which is aesthetically perfect and harmonious.

Perfect harmony of shapes and lines create the impression of continuity of beautiful appearance of the building. To create such a harmonious image of building with bright and individual character, architects skillfully combine all composition, such as scale, rhythm, proportionality, the texture of the material, tectonics, proportion, light, and color. Luxury house plan will be a vivid expression of the grace of shapes and lines. And these forms reflect the nature of the building owner. This is the basis of the exceptional harmony of the external appearance of the building, interior decoration and landscape design.

Your home will be the most favorite place in the world where over and over again will want to return.


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