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Luxury Kitchen Interior Designs

A contemporary kitchen is not just meant for cooking, but it’s an expression of your unique taste and lifestyle. At Luxury Antonovich Studio, we gingerly design kitchens to be resistant and functionally destined to satisfy the use work, storage, and organizational needs.

Variants of Kitchen Interior Design

Today, there are six main options of kitchen design:

Single This option is most suitable for small kitchens, as the working wall here is placed on one side and the second side can then be used for cooking and/or eating.
Double Such kitchen design is used to maximize working space. As on the one hand of the, there is a sink, tiles and the fridge is placed on the opposite side.
L-shaped Perfect for both small and large areas, because the distance between the working surfaces can be adjusted.
U-shaped Ideal for large spaces, because the work surfaces are located along three walls.
Peninsular This design offers the opportunity to separate dining room from the kitchen by using a stove or a cabinet with a sink.
Island This design can be seen exclusively in big kitchens. It looks similar to the L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, but with additional elements.

Advantages of Exclusive Kitchen Dubai Design

  • The first step of our work is the creation of the project design. This excellently guarantees that all elements will be well fixed in the kitchen.
  • The speed and quality. Our experts are technically competent in ensuring the timely completion and delivery of every project.
  • Exclusivity. By ordering the excellent services of Antonovich Luxury Design, you will be guaranteed original and unique interior.

Contact us for your exquisite turnkey solutions of kitchen interior design in Dubai!

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