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Cozy Kitchen Interior Art Deco

The owner of the apartment in Dubai is a successful business woman. Her active and rapid way of life requires a comfortable rest in her own home, to gain strength for new achievements. Interior Designers Dubai offered for this project unique charming Art Deco with glamorous and elegant notes. Kitchen Design is a reflection of absolute comfort, which is characteristic for all projects of the design studio in Dubai. In the spacious apartment harmoniously stylish and functional kitchen, elegant dining area and comfortable seating area with a plush sofa. Kitchen interior design is marked by brevity, to highlight other elements of decor. Apartments Interior design Dubai is full of bright and stylish accents that fully reflect the bright and stylish character of the owner. The dining area interior is decorated with exquisite soft chairs that are upholstered in light pink velvet and supplemented with lace carved elements of polished brass. In the walls decor the interior is complemented with the brilliance of luxury mirrored panels and bright decorations. Ceiling Design visually combines a luxurious interior space. The niche is filled with mirrors with delicate lace patterns. Two exquisite chandeliers define the centers of each of the zones of cozy kitchen interior.

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