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A stunning landscape design project executed by a reputable landscape design company
Transform Your Outdoor Space with the Best Landscape Company in Dubai
Create an Oasis with the Top Landscape Company in Dubai
Enhance Your Property with the Premier Landscape Company in Dubai
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Landscape Company in Dubai
Experience Luxury Outdoor Living with the Leading Landscape Company in Dubai
Dubai's Most Trusted Landscape Company for Custom Designs
Elevate Your Property's Curb Appeal with Dubai's Finest Landscape Company
Get Your Dream Outdoor Space with the Professional Landscape Company in Dubai

Landscape Company Dubai: Redefining Outdoor Spaces with Top-Notch Expertise and Unmatched Service

As a professional landscaping company based in Dubai, we understand the importance of having a beautiful and well-maintained outdoor space. Our team at Luxury Antonovich Design has been providing top-notch landscaping services to the residents of Dubai for many years, and we take great pride in our work.


Landscape & Swimming Pool
Design & Installation

Soft & Hard Landscaping
Water Features
Pergola & Shades
BBQ & BAR Counter
Fire Features
Planter Box
Fences & Walls


As one of the top landscaping firms in Dubai, our team comprises knowledgeable and competent individuals who specialize in creating breathtaking landscapes that enhance the appeal of your home. Our services extend beyond landscaping to include the design and construction of Jacuzzis, Pergolas, Gazebos, Barbecue countertops, and other outdoor features.

We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication with our clients throughout every project, ensuring complete satisfaction. Our "belts and braces" approach to project management, coupled with our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest rules and installation methods, ensures a high-quality finish every time.

At our Landscape Company in Dubai, we are passionate about exceeding your expectations. Whether you want to transform your property with a beautiful landscape, a stunning swimming pool, or delightful water features, look no further than our team of experts.

Choose us for your next project, and experience the joy of having an outdoor oasis that is tailored to your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Revamp Your Outdoor Area: The Definitive Handbook on Landscaping Expenses

Dreaming of an exquisite outdoor oasis? Worried about landscaping costs? Don't let uncertainty hinder you! Learn to budget effectively for your project with some insightful tips.

The landscaping cost varies depending on several factors, like project size, complexity, materials, and labor. Size matters - larger areas or those requiring substantial groundwork like grading or retaining walls tend to cost more. Materials, such as high-end natural stone or plants, impact expenses. Labor costs, including equipment and installation, also play a significant role.

Understanding these factors helps estimate project costs accurately. Transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis with a well-planned budget and a touch of creativity. Start your project today!

Dubai Landscape Company - Structural Expertise

1. Residential Landscape - We tailor bespoke packages to maximize your residential landscaping investment. Whether revamping existing spaces or starting from scratch, our expert house design team ensures an attractive and sustainable landscape. Antonovich Group assists at any project stage with innovative concepts, making us your go-to for residential landscaping in Dubai.

2. Commercial Landscape- As Dubai's top landscape company, we offer comprehensive business landscaping services, including installation and maintenance of lawns, patios, gardens, trees, and more. With a focus on beauty and functionality, we manage weed control, plant health, and hedge maintenance. Our tailored approach reflects current trends and client preferences, while our trained professionals ensure top-notch service, from regular maintenance to seasonal care and pest management.

3. Swimming Pools and Other Water Features - Antonovich Group, Dubai's premier landscape company, specializes in luxury swimming pool design and construction, tailored to high-profile clients. We provide 3D plans and designs, ensuring excellence and flexibility. Our comprehensive services include pool building, filtering, and water flow systems, using quality-tested materials and equipment. Our professionals offer industry-standard consultation designs.

Best Landscape Contractor In Dubai

Having its in-house best Landscape Architect & Designers in Dubai, Antonovich Group is very well known as the top landscape company that offers custom landscape service, not only in the city but all over the UAE and its neighboring countries in the Middle East.

A Tradition of Artistry and Sustainability

Nature inspires artists and designers, shaping modern landscape design as a fusion of art, science, and technology. Antonovich Group leads in sustainable landscape design, blending artistry with nature. Their team crafts functional and beautiful outdoor spaces, from hardscape features to softscape elements, guided by site analysis and client collaboration.

Landscape Design Solution by Antonovich Group: Combining Artisanship, Finesse, and Site Involvement for Emphasized Outdoor Spaces

A well-designed landscape turns a yard into a stunning outdoor living space. It goes beyond planting, focusing on functionality and aesthetics. Landscape designers, in high demand, find excellence with Antonovich Group.

• Artistry & Precision

Antonovich Group excels in artistry, precision, and detail in every project. Their team of experts, including architects and horticulturists, combines knowledge of plants, materials, and architecture to craft functional and beautiful outdoor spaces.

• Site-Centric Approach

Antonovich Group's landscape design approach prioritizes site involvement, tailoring designs to clients' needs and site characteristics like soil, topography, and climate.

• Effective Collaboration

Delegation is key to their success, with each team member contributing unique skills to create cohesive designs.

• Landscape Design Essentials

Explore landscape design education, licensing, and Antonovich Group's holistic design approach, inspired by iconic gardens like Stourhead in England.

• Educational & Licensing Standards

Landscape designers typically hold degrees in landscape architecture or related fields, with licensure requirements varying by state.

• Holistic Design Approach

Antonovich Group considers site conditions, client preferences, and environmental factors to ensure sustainable and low-maintenance designs.

• Inspirational Sources

Drawing from historic gardens like Stourhead, Antonovich Group integrates elements such as water features and garden rooms into their designs.

Romantic garden swing surrounded by blooming flowers


Step 1: On-site Survey & Needs Assessment

Initiate with a comprehensive on-site survey to understand your garden preferences, features desired, and budget constraints, laying the groundwork for the design process.

Step 2: Garden Design Creation

Craft a meticulously planned garden design, ensuring optimal material selection aligned with aesthetics, functionality, maintenance, and budget considerations. A one-week turnaround time is typical for design creation, followed by a review appointment.

Step 3: Installation Excellence

With Antonovich Group, rest assured of top-tier installation standards, carried out by skilled landscape architects and designers. From paving to planting and water features to swimming pool construction, trust us to bring your garden vision to life.

Cozy fire pit area for outdoor gatherings

Outdoor living space with a stylish pergola

Top-Notch Landscape Contractor in Dubai

Antonovich Group stands as the premier landscape contractor and interior designers in Dubai, setting unparalleled standards for excellence in landscaping services. With a focus on meticulous design parameters, boundary wall height, and balanced aesthetics, we ensure every landscape reflects professional craftsmanship and harmonizes with interior design concepts. Renowned for our commitment to superior quality and creativity, we are consistently recognized as the top landscape design companies in Dubai and across the UAE. Transform your property with our leading landscape design services, adding both beauty and value to your surroundings.

Soothing garden fountain surrounded by plants

Charming garden bridge over a small pond


  • The first stage is the survey work, which includes collecting baseline data and a comprehensive site survey. We study topography, soils, groundwater levels, etc.
  • The second stage is the creation of a garden landscaping plan with the use of all data collected in the first stage. The following criteria determine the quality of the project:
  • Functional (reliability of structures, stability of plant growth to environmental conditions, etc.);
  • Aesthetic (appropriate to the customer's needs, providing the object's artistic expressiveness).

Stylish outdoor patio with comfortable seating

Strategic Planning in Garden Design By The Top Landscape Contractor In Dubai

• The General Plan is the primary document. It identifies the existing and proposed plantings, buildings, structures, hard landscaping, road and path networks, water devices, and other objects in the garden.

• Strategic Planning – is an addition to the General Plan. It includes all retained and proposed plantings.

• Road plan and path network, project engineering services, plan of ground leveling, and land reclamation areas (if required).

• A well-designed garden landscape meets individual tastes and needs and adds value to the property. When ordering a landscape service from Antonovich Group, you get layout drawings, plantings, etc.

In-House Landscape Professionals

Antonovich Group is a leading landscape contracting firm in Dubai, specializing in preserving and enhancing outdoor spaces. Their comprehensive services include gardening, landscape maintenance, hardscaping, irrigation systems, and landscape design. With a focus on customer satisfaction, their experienced team creates exceptional landscape designs tailored to client needs for both new and existing developments.

Landscape design with a focus on privacy
Landscape design incorporating a vegetable garden
Outdoor space with a beautiful garden arch
Outdoor kitchen for alfresco dining and entertaining
Garden with a variety of fragrant plants


Water features elevate any landscape, imbuing it with tranquility and elegance. Antonovich Group's water feature services encompass a range of options, from fountains to ponds, enhancing visual appeal and masking noise pollution. With careful consideration of location, size, and type, our professional service ensures seamless integration into your landscape design.

Beautiful water feature adding serenity to the garden

Garden with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape

Creative use of lighting in landscape design

Landscape design featuring a rock garden

Eco-friendly rain garden for stormwater management

Here are some standard water features to consider:

• Fountains: Fountains are a classic choice for adding a water feature to your landscape design. They come in various styles and sizes and can be customized to fit your tastes.

• Ponds: A pond can be a beautiful and peaceful addition to any landscape design. Whether you opt for a small, simple pond or a larger, more complex design, the sound of water and the sight of fish swimming can create a relaxing environment.

• Waterfalls: Waterfalls can add drama and movement to your landscape design, creating a focal point that draws the eye. They can be incorporated into a pond or built as a standalone feature.

• Streams: A meandering stream can add a naturalistic touch to your landscape design, creating a sense of movement and flow. It can be combined with other water features for a truly stunning effect.

Landscape Seating Area

Antonovich Group specializes in crafting outdoor sitting areas that transform backyards into havens of relaxation. From intimate nooks to expansive entertaining spaces, our tailored landscape sitting area designs cater to your unique preferences and lifestyle. Beginning with a comprehensive consultation, our experienced professionals collaborate with you to create a customized plan that harmonizes with your home's style and enhances your outdoor landscape's beauty.

Sustainable landscape design with native plants

Impressive stone retaining wall with cascading plants

Landscape design featuring a dry creek bed

Modern landscape design with lush greenery

Garden with a mix of textures and colors

Innovative vertical garden for urban spaces


Our Team offers expert outdoor gazebo design services to create a relaxing and entertaining space in your landscape. Beginning with a consultation, our professionals tailor the design to your preferences, considering size, style, materials, and budget. The result is a customized gazebo that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space while meeting your specific needs.

Landscape design with a modern geometric pattern

Outdoor space with a cozy hammock for relaxation

Landscape design incorporating a children's play area

Rustic garden design with a natural stone pathway


Antonovich Group specializes in designing and constructing outdoor barbecue areas to elevate your landscape for entertaining and outdoor enjoyment. Beginning with a consultation, our experts tailor the design to your preferences, considering size, style, materials, and budget. The result is a customized barbecue area that enhances your outdoor space's beauty while meeting your specific needs.

Majestic tree surrounded by a circular bench

Inviting outdoor dining area with a pergola

Garden with a variety of ornamental grasses

Tranquil Japanese garden with a Zen atmosphere


Parking area design is crucial for any construction project. Antonovich Group, a leading architecture and design firm, specializes in creating efficient and functional parking areas tailored to clients' needs. The process begins by determining the required parking spaces based on building size and anticipated occupancy. With this information, the layout and design of the parking area can be optimized.

Landscape design with a focus on low maintenance

Landscape design incorporating a wildlife habitat

Landscape design with a focus on water conservation

Garden with a mix of perennial and annual plants


We excel in outdoor lighting services, crafting customized designs to elevate the beauty and functionality of any outdoor space. From residential gardens to commercial areas, our expert team ensures each solution exceeds client expectations.

Luxurious backyard pool with tropical plants

Elegant garden pathway surrounded by vibrant flowers

Landscape design with a focus on biodiversity

Stunning rooftop garden with a city view

Eye-catching garden sculpture as a focal point

Mediterranean-inspired landscape with olive trees

Cottage garden with a charming picket fence

We install energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions, utilizing cutting-edge LED technology to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, thereby reducing costs and promoting sustainability.

Garden gazebo providing a shaded retreat


We create Landscapes that upgrade our client's living experience and add significant value to their assets.

Exterior Renovations


Outdoor Living Spaces

Hardscape & Patios

Custom Metal/Iron Work

Gardens & Plantings

Edible Landscaping

Pergolas, Cabanas, Decks

Pools/Spas/Water Features

Sports Courts

Property Maintenance

Mowing & Trimming

Stone + Brick Installation

Custom Shutters

Brick Paver Surfaces & Repairs

Bluestone & Flagstone Surfaces

Retaining Walls & Erosion Control

Cement & Stamped Concrete

Electrical Work

Drainage & Waterproofing



Organic Services

Outdoor Kitchens, Rooms, & Fire Features

Unique Annuals & Perennial Design

Outdoor Furniture, Pillars, & Pottery

Outdoor Decor & Special Event

Holiday Lighting

Fencing + Gates

Lush green lawn bordered by colorful flower beds


We provide top-quality design and highly personalized service to create the most well-implemented interiors for house-loving clients.

Our services offer the following:

Contemporary landscape design with clean lines


Milestone builds luxurious bespoke Pools of different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Interior Renovations

Full Interior Renovations

Interior Design Services

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Lower Level + Basements

Custom Woodworking

Custom Cabinetry

Floor Covering & Radiant Heat

Window Treatments

Wall Treatments + Paint

Custom Drapery

Furniture & Staging

Lighting Design

Fire Features

Tile + Feature Walls


Bench Seating + Cushions

Custom Shelving

Design + Layout Consultations

Fabric Selections

Color Coordination

Indoor Sports Arenas

Indoor Pools

Indoor Plants & Greenhouse

Custom Starlight Ceilings


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