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Landscaping Garden design by Antonovich Group

Importance of Gardening

The proper landscaping design is a concept that reflects sustainability, especially when developing an ecologically friendly home. It has become an essential and a great part of every house design. It adds a perfect place for outdoor interaction which sometimes lacks in a household. It adds value to your home and a place where you can relax and keep cozy on summer days. It also adds great benefits for the homeowners emotionally, mentally, and physically. It also requires maintenance so the Luxury Antonovich Design firm makes sure that the design is well curated yet requires minimum maintenance.

Gardening Essentials

It is important that the designers know which essentials are fit for your garden. The basics are not enough to showcase the potential of a great garden design. These are some of the rules that the Luxury Antonovich Design follows.

  • Shape the lawn: The lawn is the biggest space that takes over your garden. It should have a beautiful pattern that takes up enough space to showcase each area of the garden. In the model design above you will see that the lawn is geometrically divided into areas where there will be more outdoor interaction.
  • Flower and plant box: These are essentials to add a clean landscape in your garden design. It helps the flowers and plants to stay intact with where they are and it also avoids water splashes all over to keep the area less messy.
  • Mood: The mood of the house is helped by creating a great landscaping in the garden. Adding a nice space for relaxation such as a garden setting with a cover or a gazebo helps add a recreational area where families and friends can gather around for eating and a little lounging around.
  • Coordination: Things can get a little messy around the garden and while this is mostly true, the Luxury Antonovich Design firm makes sure that the plants and the design are well coordinated. By color scheme and patterns and textures, the firm makes sure that the design is complementary and it looks well curated.
  • Check the Season: The company makes sure that all the plants can stand through whichever season is coming around. This is the easiest way to help maintain a beautiful garden that needs less maintenance but still looks beautiful at any time of the year.

These are just some of the most important aesthetics and rules to follow and create a great garden design. Landscaping helps to decorate your house especially if you have enough space. The symmetry that is applied to the field makes the look of the design more pleasing to the eyes and it makes space look less overwhelming giving it more impact that sets the mood of the entire house.

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