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Antonovich Group
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Exquisite luxury living room crafted by Antonovich Design, a leading interior design company in Dubai, showcasing opulent furnishings and elegant decor.
Stunning luxury living room created by Antonovich Design, a leading interior design company in Dubai, showcasing opulent furnishings and exquisite attention to detail.
Stunning luxury villa by Antonovich Design, an elite interior design company in Dubai, showcasing a perfect blend of elegance and sophistication.
Exquisite interior design by Antonovich Design, the leading interior design company in Dubai, showcases a luxurious house design with impeccable elegance and style.
Stunning luxury living room designed by Antonovich Design, a premier interior design company in Dubai, featuring lavish furnishings and sophisticated decor.
Antonovich Group offers a full turnkey service of residental
and commercial project, we are provide design and
Constraction & Fit-Out.

Interior Design Company in Dubai - Luxury Antonovich Design

Are you looking for an Interior Design Company in Dubai? Over the past 20 years, we have established an excellent reputation for creating masterpieces of architecture and interior works, conquering the hearts of the world's most sophisticated connoisseurs of luxury interior designs.

Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the world-leading luxury interior design companies

Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Arabian palaces and infusing it with modern architectural elegance, our unique designs emerge as sparkling gems on the city's skyline. As a premier Interior Design Company in Dubai, our reputation and esteemed position are a testament to our passion for creativity and relentless pursuit of design excellence. Our distinctive edge stems from our ability to envision and execute luxury interior and exterior designs that have become our hallmark. Recognizing the intrinsic value of each landscape, we illuminate the significance of urban landscaping through our architectural prowess, thereby imparting a profound understanding of design excellence.

Embodying the essence of luxury, we at our Interior Design Company in Dubai provide exceptional design services not only in Dubai but also in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our designs are delivered precisely, blending opulence and comfort seamlessly for absolute satisfaction. Our portfolio of majestic royal residences, lavish apartments, elegant penthouses, elite villas, and grand palace complexes exemplify a 9-star standard, a testament to our unparalleled expertise in interior design. This level of artistry is best appreciated within the enchanting cityscape of Dubai. Each architectural masterpiece crafted by Luxury Antonovich Design purposefully melds cutting-edge technology with meticulous attention to detail, a testament to our refined craftsmanship.

Were acknowledged for delivering the highest standard of architecture and interior design styles in UAE in the finest form of luxury, comfort, and grandeur. Thus, we're a team of highly-experienced creative consultants specializing in 3D interior design in Dubai with diverse disciplines. We are immensely proud of our accomplishments and humbled by the incredible opportunities assigned to us by our respectable clients worldwide.

Architectural Services

Architectural design serves as the blueprint for crafting future structures. It's a critical aspect in the development of a myriad of objects, whether they are residential homes, public edifices, or industrial facilities. As an esteemed Interior Design Company in Dubai, we understand that this process can be challenging and time-consuming, yet it is fundamentally a creative endeavor that shapes the physical world around us.

The team of architects at Interior Design Company Dubai develops exclusive and unique luxury projects, even garnering interest from diverse industries such as the IPL Bet community. The authors' methods of creating and organizing spaces are successfully implemented across various construction and architecture sectors, ensuring a comprehensive and innovative approach to design.

Our interior design company in Dubai works with objects of an individual construction project, which are:

  1. Living quarters (apartments, country houses, cottages, villas);
  2. Commercial buildings (office, shopping center, gym, beauty salon, restaurant).

The most famous architectural design by an Interiors design company in Dubai is found in such aspects:

  • Development of projects of private houses and cottages;
  • Design of multistory real estate (residential and commercial);
  • Facing facades of buildings;
  • Building cottage townships and residential areas;
  • Design solutions for interiors of apartments, office workrooms, and public premises;
  • Legalized redevelopment of apartments;
  • Architectural supervision and technical supervision directly during construction work.

In the Luxury Interior Design Company Dubai, the architectural design of construction areas is carried out by highly qualified employees:

  • Design engineers;
  • Experienced architects;
  • Engineers responsible for exceptional work.

Read more about our team: About us.

Luxury Antonovich Design deals with different types of work that the architectural and design department of the Company carries out:

  • Design of engineering systems: heating, electricity, ventilation, sewage, and water supply;
  • Architectural and construction design.

The recognizable style of our architectural team is bright and modern architecture.

Fit Out Services via the best fit-out company in Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Design Company is the best Dubai fit-out company, which provides comprehensive services for constructing houses "turnkey." You can order a fit-out service for a house, apartment, cottage, restaurant, or office as part of the construction or as a separate service. The list of services of our fit-out company in Dubai will be incomplete without such services as fit-out. This is a crucial stage of construction work.

Qualified masters of Dubai Interior Design Company perform high finishing and fit-out works. We own all innovative and traditional technologies and comply with building codes and fire prevention rules based on technical and architectural documentation and a contract.

The task of the Interior Fit Out Company Dubai specialists is to make the house individual, corresponding to the needs and requirements of the customer, cozy, warm, and comfortable. We give a guarantee for all our fit-out works and precisely observe deadlines.

The list of our services includes interior and exterior fit-out works of any complexity:

  1. Installation of windows and internal doors, the device arches;
  2. Electrical installation (wiring, electrical switchboard installation, installation of lighting devices, sockets, and switches);
  3. Installation of heating systems, boilers, radiators, pipes, and towel rails;
  4. Installation of ventilation and air conditioning;
  5. Plumbing works (installation of plumbing and sanitary, meters, fittings, and plumbing);
  6. Installation of suspended and suspended ceilings, assistance in the acquisition and delivery of finishing materials;
  7. Plastering and painting works;
  8. Installation of drywall;
  9. The installation of floors, including the laying of a tile, natural and artificial stone tile;
  10. Installation of stucco.

Such advantages make a cooperation with Luxury Antonovich Design the most attractive. We have all the necessary conditions for high-quality fit-out works of any complexity.

Construction & Consulting - Dubai Construction Companies

Our author's supervision in the design of the construction business is an integrated control measure designed to bring stylistic, technical, architectural, and other parties into absolute conformity with the design documentation approved by the customer. The author's supervision of the project's design and other stages are implemented directly by the developer, who is well aware of all the features of his calculations. In other words, the author will be able to fully monitor the compliance of the developed scheme directly on the construction site. What constitutes the supervision that our author design company proposes to create and agree on a list of materials; signing an agreement for the supply of goods; selection of materials, a compilation of the accompanying specification; visiting the client of construction centers, accompanied by our specialist; confirmation and payment for purchases required by authors design; delivery of purchased materials within the specified deadlines; full quality assurance.

Luxury Antonovich Design is the Company licensed to use consulting and engineering businesses in Dubai, according to the Registration and Licensing Committees, engineering consultancy activities to practice Consulting Engineering & Contracting professions In Dubai.

Hospitality Design

Luxury Antonovich Design is a brand that specializes in hotel solutions, undertaking outstanding residential projects in both classic and contemporary styles. From the design stage and then in production up to installation and delivery, our specialists assume the duty to coordinate and supervise all operations at any stage, taking accurate control of the order's exact execution. The expertise gained in the 5 * and luxury hospitality sector allows us to provide customers with an exceptional choice of style solutions, exclusive materials, and custom-made finishes for the manufacturing and installation of the projects.

Spacious backyard oasis featuring lush greenery and comfortable seating
Beautifully designed kitchen with sleek appliances and ample storage
Stunning living room with modern furniture and cozy atmosphere


The Uniqueness of our Interior Design Company in Dubai and the USA:

  • Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the most exquisite interior decoration companies in Dubai;
  • We are uniquely acknowledged and distinguished by our clients;
  • High-level of professionalism and creativity imputed to every of our interior design projects in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi;
  • Our interior design studio Combines cutting-edge technology and skills and pays meticulous attention to detail;
  • Individual approaches to our respectable clients;
  • Our professional interior designers in Dubai deliver the highest standards of architecture and creative masterpieces.

Turnkey Interior Design

Supply of furniture, chandeliers, decor elements, and finish materials. We offer our clients a sale of luxury furniture and exclusive interior decoration.

You can buy furniture from the world's best factories, in-studio Luxury Antonovich Design!

  • The complete catalogs of prime collections are represented at our office!
  • We create expensive furniture for top-of-class interiors due to the drawings of our designers.
  • Own production in Italy and Turkey allows us to create luxury furniture of the highest quality quickly.
  • Design studio Dubai Interior Company is a reliable partner in the supply of furniture, decor elements, chandeliers, construction, and finishing materials.
  • We offer our customers the organization of deliveries of the best materials and furniture directly from Italy and other countries' leading manufacturers.

Curtains Sewing

High-end curtains from Design Interior Company are the masterpieces that subtle masters of their craft create for you. These real specialists masterfully possess both modern technology and techniques of manual work.


Luxury Antonovich Design is the best in class regarding the finest fabrics and curtain sewing; each artistic design is very well crafted to perfection. A delicate design is sewn and styled with great sophistication that matches all interior settings. We are at the top of the choice in decorating royal style windows and luxury interior design to be filled with ultimate designer best creations of curtains and fabrics. No doubt that Luxury Antonovich Design is always the most recommended team in Royal styling properties such as palaces, prestigious villas, and luxury apartments internationally.


Over many years of international expertise, Luxury Antonovich Design and its premium services have been recognized as the top interior design company in Saudi Arabia. Among the interior design companies in Riyadh, Only Luxury Antonovich Design can perform premium-class services in interior fit-out work. As the top interior design firm in Riyadh, Having its own office branch within the City has helped a lot for every client to have more attentive services all through their property developments which are being developed by Luxury Antonovich Design. In line with a total extension of services offered by the best interior designers in Riyadh, Luxury Antonovich Design is also acknowledged as the most reliable interior design company in Saudi Arabia, as it executes a very smooth transaction in Furniture production over the City. Being the best interior designers in Saudi Arabia, we offer a furniture export in Riyadh being conducted by the Luxury Antonovich Design logistic team. No doubt that Luxury Antonovich Design has always been the top choice when it comes to Saudi Arabia's interior design. By conducting complete and finest interior design executions and services, Luxury Antonovich Design was the top interior design company in Saudi Arabia.


At Luxury Antonovich Design, we are experts in the creation of exclusive styles in Dubai. Our completed Villa Interior Design projects are a combination of elegance, nobility, and unique atmosphere. We are extensively skilled in creating the in-house interior design in Dubai. Professionalism, originality, and creativity are the foundational keys to any project designed by Luxury Antonovich Design. Our company have been very well acknowledged as the top provider of Saudi Arabia interior design. Components of a villa...

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The company "Luxury Antonovich Design" offers a full range of services in the field of construction, interior design, the design of offices, restaurants, hotels. Applying to our company, you will receive an authors design project. Each of our plans is developed individually without typical schemes and solutions. Working with us, you will have a future image of the interior in a photo-realistic image and technical documentation that will be required during construction or repair work.We have assembled a team of specialis...

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BEST PROVIDER OF FITOUT SERVICES FOR APARTMENT INTERIOR DESIGN Luxury Antonovich Design performs absolute solutions towards every interior design for an apartment by conducting the most systematic fitout services. This multi-national fitout company has introduced world-class fitout design executions that open great possibilities in the new architecture and interior fitout innovations. Having its expert and experienced team the Luxury Antonovich Design always extended its capacity to discover new designs and ventures to...

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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Luxury Antonovich Design is not a traditional interior studio, but a large company where you can find furniture from the best European manufacturers. We have collected partnership offers with affordable terms of sale and delivery worldwide. Luxury furniture from Italy or other European country with an exclusive design will appeal to even demanding and sophisticated connoisseurs: it will become the basis for a cozy, stylish interior of your home.To order customized furniture from the Luxury Antonovi...

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Transform Your Outdoor Space: The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping Costs Are you dreaming of a stunning outdoor oasis but worried about the cost of landscaping? Don't let uncertainty hold you back! With a little bit of knowledge, you can budget effectively for your project. The cost of landscaping varies depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the project, materials used, and labor costs. But don't worry - we've got you covered. Read on to learn how to accurately estimate the cost of your lan...

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New build renovation extension pools &
landscapes submissions to authorities


Architectural design, interior design, landscape design,
structural design, lighting design,
custom joinery design


Main villa civil works mechanical engineering &
plumbing complete interior fit out the pool,
water features and outdoor spa works
landscapes complete project management

In-house FF&E

Luxury kitchen brands' interior and exterior
furniture packages, custom lighting luminaires
smart home integrated systems

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Our group

Luxury Antonovich Corporate Group is a group of companies engaged in providing a full spectrum of services in turnkey interior architecture and design for residential and commercial clients. Luxury Antonovich Group as an international company, including Luxury Antonovich Design in Miami and Luxury Antonovich Home in Dubai, provides a bespoke design services in the UAE, USA and KSA. Over the years, Luxury Antonovich Group of Companies has been recognized as the top interior designer and fitout contractor in Dubai and all over the UAE, wherein elite properties in the UAE has been patronized by its outstanding interior fitout performances. In fact, Luxury Antonovich Corporate Group is known as the Best Interior Fit Out in Dubai and Dubai Hills – one of the most prestigious residential properties in the city. The corporate services has been extended its capacity to deliver the most outstanding project executions in the UAE, and by bringing out the best interior design and fit-out services in Abu dhabi, most of the local and international clients has embraced the world class services that the corporate is offering.

Having its own manufacturing and factory for luxury furniture, decorations and interior design materials, Luxury Antonovich Corporate Group has been the consistent top interior design and decorators in Dubai. And by continuously delivering its world class standards in every interior fit out executions, The corporate team has been expanded its full capability to perform an exceptional work which has been also acknowledge as the exceptional interior design and fitout company in Sharjah.

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