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We create the most wonderful and creative interior design setting which is being performed by the most expert and professional interior fit-out team – Luxury Antonovich Design. Being well known internationally as the provider of high-end luxurious properties for interior and architecture design, Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to bring out all the best design implementations which are being conducted by the most expert and professional interior fit-out team. Each project is being developed using the state of the art facilities and machinery which is being operated by skilled professionals. Being known as the best interior fit-out company in UAE Luxury Antonovich Design performs the most artistic and creative interior gypsum walls and ceiling design that makes every project extra unique and stylish. Having its in-house professional team is the reason why Luxury Antonovich Design is still the most recognized architecture and interior fitout team in UAE and even in the neighboring countries of the Middle East.

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Luxury Antonovich Design is the most reliable fitout companies in Dubai and all over the UAE. With its exceptional work performance towards every project, it has always stood out among the other fitout companies Dubai. Of all fitout company Dubai, only Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the top of the choice of every elite personality, VIP and Royal Families in developing their properties. Though each and every Dubai fitout company has a very high standard in terms of design and building process, there is still a compmany that always remains on top as interior fitout company Dubai. As the top Interior Fit Out Companies Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to perform the most meticulous procedure from the beginning of the planning up to the final design executions.

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Being the most recognized Dubai interior fitout Companies, Luxury Antonovich Design is the only fitout Dubai Company that offers complete services not only in the UAE but also internationally. This top-of-the-line fitout company in Dubai has introduced the international standards of architecture, interior design, and fitout work towards every project by implementing world-class quality materials towards every project execution. Among the fitout companies in Dubai, Only Luxury Antonovich Design company has the full ability to do international exports and imports no matter where the project is located, as it has the most expert logistic team that can do all the international transactions.

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Selecting the best interior fitout companies Dubai can be very challenging for every property owner. It is very important to consider all the major aspects of the project that is being built. Consulting the best interior design companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the cities of the UAE can be very much helpful. The company provider for the best interior design in UAE can easily be found through browsing the net where their projects and expertise are being presented. There are numerous prestigious residential properties which has the best interior fitout Dubai and Dubai Hills Estate is one of the high-end locations which has been developed by Luxury Antonovich Design. Its exemplary work of art and outstanding project result has been very well recognized as the provider of the best interior design and fitout services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and the rest of the cities of UAE. In fact, the company and its team has been has been known for exceptional interior design and fitout company in Sharjah. Aside from residential project development, Luxury Antonovich Design is also the top-recommended interior fitout contractor for commercial, hospitality, and even industrial properties, in fact, the company and its team have been the top of the choice as the restaurant contractor in Dubai.Our team works full of passion and the greatest vision to perform the most outstanding and world-class projects. Bringing out the best solutions towards every interior fit-out work in the UAE is what makes Luxury Antonovich Design remains on top of the list in terms of global services and the highest standards in every fit-out work design and execution.


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