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Interior Design Nairobi


Interior design Nairobi is much more than choosing which pillows and curtains will bring the area together, though those decisions are certainly important. Interior design Nairobi, we feel, is both science and art! It has to do with how our minds and bodies respond to the environment. And its an interior designer Nairobis responsibility to mold those feelings or experiences in a way that encourages people to spend time in space. Interior design Nairobi achieves this by employing artistic approaches that trick our thoughts or, at the very least, change our perceptions of interior environments. People underestimate how much of it is a mental game.

You may decorate your home using the 7 main principles of interior design in Nairobi.

  • Space
  • Lines
  • Shape or Form
  • Pattern
  • Light
  • Color
  • Texture

While all seven variables on this list are critical to getting right in interior design Nairobi, space is possibly the most crucial. After all, interior design in Nairobi is all about making interior spaces look good. Youve probably heard of an open concept floor plan if youve seen any home renovation show in the last decade. This home style is preoccupied with space, particularly the balance of negative and positive space. Negative space is the empty area that gives a room a high and "open" feel. Positive space is defined as a place that is filled with decors, such as a living room couch, dining table, and kitchen island.

An interior design Nairobi must consider the space above the furniture in addition to the positive and negative spaces in a 2D floor plan:

  • What is the height of the ceilings?
  • Is it my intention to attract attention to the ceiling in order to highlight a certain feature?
  • Should I keep my gaze low to the ground to emphasize the high quality of the furniture?
  • The trick is to strike a delicate balance between these two types of space: not too packed, yet not too empty. Its also unique to your residence.

The line is another tool used by interior design Nairobi to influence how our brain sees space. Lines can be divided into three categories:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Dynamic

A form is a collection of lines that makes a shape. Shapes are created by lines, whether they be horizontal, vertical, or dynamic. Geometric (angular) or natural shapes can be used (curved). They might be open or closed as well. When your interior design Nairobi understands your personal style, they may mix and match forms to create any mood you desire in your home, whether its earthy, modern, warm, chilly, or anything else. A pattern is made up of lines and forms and thus belongs to the same "line" family of elements as form. Patterns, like shapes, draw attention to a certain area of your homes, such as the ceiling, stairwell, or walls. A bold statement wallpaper might help you achieve this look.

If youve ever heard of "mood lighting," youre already familiar with this interior design Nairobi aspect. Different varieties of light connote different emotions, hence light may set the ambiance of any room. Artificial fluorescent lighting makes a room feel chilly and still, but natural light can signify warmth and happiness. Its crucial to understand the two basic forms of lighting and how they might affect a spaces overall ambiance. Because our brains have been wired to interpret colors in a specific way, colors in interior design Nairobi connote specific messages and moods. The interior design Nairobis task is to manipulate them to create the desired atmosphere in your home. While texture is most often associated with how something feels, interior design Nairobi must also consider how textures seem and feel. There are two types of textures: visual and actual, and skilled designers can combine both to achieve the desired effect.

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