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Best landscape designing


Some may say that its the interior that counts. For Luxury Antonovich Design it is both interior and exterior and that includes landscape design. They have built houses that are stylish inside and out. Keeping the charm of your estate is a great way to add value to your home. Your home exterior design is what represents your home, thats why it is important to curate it as well. If youre looking to step up your homes appeal, then you are looking at the right place. Our designs look amazing in and out with elegant, trendy, and functional elements. In the landscaping designs of today – whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or modern, – landscape design has a very critical role. It allows homeowners to make an amazing first impression and it also enhances the look and vibe of your outdoor space. Having said that, there are a lot of great ideas that will spruce up your homes exterior design. Check out some of our ideas that will help you decorate your landscape.

  • English Style: The usage of shrubs and perennials are very visible to the English landscape style. It sometimes includes bird baths and fountains as a focal point.
  • Oriental: The oriental style uses a lot of water in the design. The addition of running water in your home creates a nice moving element that keeps a great energy flow in your home.
  • Formal: The formal landscaping is one of the most popular landscape there is. It follows functionality and symmetry with its precise geometric order.
  • Informal: The informal style does not have any rules to follow. It is like an avant-garde garden where you can play around with plant beds and different greeneries. Its a low maintenance landscape style which is perfect for busy homeowners.


There are different types of landscape designers too. If you are wondering who you should hire, or what we do, then here are some of our amazing works that are available for everyone.

  • Landscape Architecture: We make sure that your drainage, land grading, and architecture and form is secured. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of both residential and commercial landscapes. Our landscape architecture service is perfect if you want a more accurate vision and construction.
  • Landscape Contractor: Our extensive experience with modifying existing landscape, maintaining them, or installing a new one. We get the job done and we make sure that it is professionally curated.
  • Landscape Designing: You might think this is the same as landscape architecture but there is a huge difference. Our landscape designers are knowledgable in plants and they make sure that is installed in proper ways. From conceptualization up to the execution they are the most knowledgable with the field.

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