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Dubai Custom Landscape Service


Are you putting together your first garden? Or fixing up an outdoor space you got when you bought a house? Thats fantastic. Gardens increase the quality of our lives by improving air quality, inviting us into the sun and shade, providing shelter from the wind and rain, and soothing us with visually pleasant natural tones of green and brown. Where do you begin when designing a landscape, though? We gathered ideas from landscape architects and designers, as well as a handful from our own personal experiences. Youll be well on your way if you follow these landscape design tips. Do you want your garden to have a western-style plan with straight lines, rectangles, and symmetry, or an eastern-style layout with irregular forms, curves, and natural-looking elements like water, rocks, and gravel to represent the natural world? Once youve grasped the fundamentals, youll be able to break the rules and combine pieces from both. What do you hope to achieve with your garden? With the answer in mind, you can create an area that serves two purposes, such as combining ornamentals and foodstuffs in the same planting bed.


Every piece of property has its unique set of characteristics, such as light, shade, variations in elevation, windy places, existing trees, mature bushes, and soil conditions that may differ from those of your neighbor. Learn about the microclimates and terrain of your land. To find out if your soil is acidic, test it and look at its composition: is it sandy and loose or heavy and clayish? The more you know about your propertys personality, the more youll be able to make use of its best features. Dont be afraid to take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds your property. Is there a gorgeous tree in your neighborhood that turns a brilliant scarlet in the fall? To make your own, incorporate borrowed beauty into your own landscape. At a fast pace, you may draw out a path as narrow as 18 inches. However, the larger the path, the more open the garden will appear. If you have the space, a 48-inch-wide walkway will allow two individuals to stroll side by side. You may also play around with creating visual interest by laying out a path that narrows and widens or adding a curve. Do you wish to set up an outdoor dining area on your patio? Check to see if its close to your kitchen. Do you want to read a book in a quiet place? To make it a secret, build a patio at the gardens edge and surround it with a hedge.


As suggested by Luxury Antonovich Design and its team, in your garden, which plants will thrive the most? Plants that are native to the area are an obvious choice. Also, plants in your neighbors gardens seem to be doing well. Remember that your garden has sun and shade microclimates, and place plants accordingly. Consider the size and shape of the tree in maturity before planting it. A tree with branches chopped off because it grew too large for its position is the saddest sight in a garden. Allow a tree to grow as tall and wide as it desires, and you (and future generations) will be rewarded with a stunning example. A landscapes grace is enhanced by the sweep of a curve. Its impossible not to follow it around. You can urge visitors to investigate by setting out a plant bed or even a walkway in a strong, fun line. A curving flower bed, on the other hand, blends color and shape to make a garden more appealing.

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