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Landscaping Services in UAE

Gardening and landscaping are becoming more interesting and multifaceted trend in modern design and architecture.

Creating exclusive projects of elite mansions and country palace complexes, we offer services in landscape design.  gardens ideas designs are a logical continuation of the overall design concept of the project. The garden design itself also becomes the highlight of the project, framing luxurious house and giving a sense of aesthetic pleasure. The tradition of decorating courtyards evergreens and flowering shrubs is maintained for many centuries. Today, as in all areas of our business, a huge influence on garden design have new technology. This also applies to lighting and watering systems and new ways to care for plants. These latest technologies open up completely new horizons for the implementation of design ideas.
landscape architecture design includes a huge number of nuances. We provide every detail so that this part of the project also served as the absolute comfort to the owners. One of these aspects could be eco parking when used special lawn by special technology. Such a moment complements the aesthetics and ecology. Various types of lawns planned in the design of the garden according to their purpose. If it is a childrens playground or a  place for recreation, it is used a lawn with plant material more resistant  .
Garden design takes into account the design of terraces and gazebos that are a continuation of landscape design. Garden paths of natural stone or a natural wood  will bring warmth and comfort.Garden design will be especially luxurious with artificial water bodies, bridges, and sculptures. One of the most popular sculptures - this is definitely the fountains. Bridges with exquisite  forged balustrades and railings   adding to the exterior area  a portion of romance. Sculptural composition with backlighting and luxurious lights are stylish and luxuriously will decorate your house in the twilight.
Alpine slides, exotic plants, and topiary art, which perfectly mastered by our experts, will help to make your garden a jewel of design art. It will be a source of pride and a reason for the infinite joy of  owning of lush garden , in which everything is as you dreamed. front garden landscaping ideas from Studio Elite Interiors Luxury Antonovich Design always pleases customers with exclusive solutions and unique beauty of the projects. With every year becomes more and more complex  and multifaceted art of landscape design.

We will design the garden, that will delight for years to come because of its beauty and aesthetic perfection. And walking through your garden, you will contemplate the wonderful plants, exquisite sculptures. And on the terraces and gazebos  spending a pleasant meeting with friends.

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