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New landscaping ideas


Our company is one of the best designers there is when it comes to landscaping. As the new year arrives, our teams have also arrived in new ideas that will arise this coming year. As you look into the model shown above, youll notice a more modern design approach. This is the latest and most popular design nowadays. The amazing green space creates a flourishing look that is perfect if you want a more natural vibe to your outdoor space. The well-thought-out structure of the landscape provides a serene design that looks natural and effortlessly blended with the environment. You will notice the color of the exterior is more neutral which creates a warm and bright impression that instantly adds a cheerful environment to your home.


This beautiful house project exterior is inspired by the modernity of architecture which is popular in the market. You can distinguish the modern exterior methods that are designed with unique techniques. The sharp lines and symmetrical forms dictate a clean and more minimalist look. You will notice the high ceiling You will notice the flat roof installation which makes the house look crisp and clean. Landscaping is not only for the plants but it is the entire exterior and outdoor design of your home.

  • Accents - Our designers have made proper layout and composition of the exterior to make sure that it looks good not only on the outside but also on the inside. Adding plants or fountains adds a wonderful accent that serves as a focal point of the landscape.
  • Styling - We make sure that the style is timeless and classic that harmonizes with each other. This will give your home a well-coordinated look that reflects elegance and style.


Everyone is dreaming of a place where they can relax and enjoy their life. Our designers in Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure to build and construct the most enchanting landscape for our clients. Living in a lavish mansion like this provides advanced comfort with added functionality. You will see how our designs will take over the best and biggest exterior designs of the year. Well make sure to do it all for you whether you want to add value to your property or you just want to reinvent your home.

  • Color - Color palettes add a fresh touch to your exterior design. We make sure to add a subtle touch of color that blends with your environment well.
  • Texture - We make sure to give your home texture that will catch the eyes of passers-by. The combination of elements such as stone, cement, and plants adds a striking visual playfulness.

Our team is here to help you achieve your dream home. Feel free to contact us and well gladly assist you with your inquiries.

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