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New landscape design ideas


Landscape design is used when it comes to decorating large-scale land areas. Modern landscape design is relevant in many cases, especially if the conversation concerns the gardens. Its decoration is thought out by our designers Luxury Antonovich Design competently, and contains interesting decorative objects. This allows to get a beautiful, from a design point of view, suburban landscapes. It looks luxurious and rich.

Current trends in landscape design presented by Luxury Antonovich Design have retained the basis of the classics. This applies to concise forms and thoughtful lines. The dominance of minimalism in architecture did not pass without a trace. Today in landscape design, there is an increased interest in natural components. They are used in the production of furniture and decorative items. The current trend of our designers and landscape architects is to create a comfortable environment for pleasant living.


Natural garden style by Luxury Antonovich Design is presented by landscape inspired by nature — plants are planted according to the plan, but in such a way not to cause the feeling that in a limited area everything is thought out and cut down to the millimeter. The landscape feels like a beautiful example of a nature corner.

Great importance is attached to the successful entry of the house into the natural landscape. A special place in the general landscape style by Luxury Antonovich Design is occupied by the Japanese landscape garden, which is characterized by imparting the deeper meaning of every inner detail. At the moment, landscape design is also a reflection of the worldview and philosophy of modern reality.

The design approach from Luxury Antonovich Design welcomes the presence of water in all its forms — fountains, streams, decorative waterfalls, swimming pools and ponds. They are harmoniously placed in the overall composition. If it is a large body of water, then it can become a separate full-fledged element.

Erasing the boundaries between the garden and the house is one of the new design approaches from Luxury Antonovich Design in creating beautiful landscape design. This is a kind of apartment in the open air. Kitchens, recreation areas and reception, rooms for work can be made in the garden. Especially popular are open kitchens. Landscape design monitors the quality of the arrangement not only of the land, but also of the buildings that are located on it. Modern landscape design by Luxury Antonovich Design allows to implement the most interesting solutions, to make a garden plot not just beautiful, but also unusual.

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