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Classic kitchen design

The design of a cozy kitchen in a classical style has become a perfect example of how luxurious a relatively small space can be. Interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design created a very ergonomic and at the same time refined interior. The kitchen design of the classical style is subject to the same rules and canons of this direction as any other room.Space is filled with exquisite decor. The ceiling is decorated with stucco molding with gilding.The elegant chandelier is surrounded by neat curls of stucco decor with crystal pendants.To ensure the proper lighting of the interior, designers complement the ceiling with small round lamps and furniture with lines of a soft LED backlight.The design of the kitchen in the classical style is always a sign of respectability and aristocracy. In this project, literally, every square centimeter of the interior is luxurious.For floors decor, designers have proposed a practical material - marble. The marble floor was decorated with exquisitely carved patterns of stone different kinds. If the design of the living room in the classical style allows you to create several functional zones.Then for a small kitchen, is only fit the insular structure with a bar counter.Order the design of the kitchen, the owners of the elite house decided in purpose to renew and revitalize the space of the house with refinement and novelty.Furniture of particular importance here. The design of the light kitchen visually expands the room. Light-colored furniture facades are inlaid with carved decor with gilding and rich accessories.These moments are in perfect harmony with the ceiling decor.The design of a classy light kitchen ideally decorates the room with a small window.The highlight of the interior become the beautiful Roman curtains from expensive brocade with golden fringe.

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