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Luxury kitchen design

To create a kitchen design that would be ideal for our customers, the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio use creative ideas, best traditions, and modern technologies. Its no secret that it is the kitchen in our house that becomes the most beloved room.It is the kitchen interior is most connected with new technological innovations.In this spacious kitchen, behind the laconic facades of natural wood, the latest storage systems, and modern kitchen appliances are exquisitely concealed.Fashionable design of the kitchen means a stylish, harmonious and aesthetically perfect image. In this project for the kitchen was allocated a large room.In this regard, a fairly large number of kitchen furniture, which is placed almost along the entire perimeter, looks unpretentious and exquisite.In the center of the room, we proposed to organize a small dining area with soft chairs with a noble bearing and a table made of natural valuable wood. The stylish design of the kitchen depends on many things. And in this kitchen design, every detail and each thing are well thought through.So, the window was decorated with a luxurious triple Roman blind. Work surfaces made of white marble are flawlessly combined with brown kitchen facades. The exclusive design of the kitchen in the classical style is filled with a mood of sublime nobility and elegance. The highlight of the project become a luxurious ceiling with elements of stucco decoration and artistic painting. Modern ideas of kitchen design are closely interconnected with innovations in the field of material processing. So, for curtains are selected fabrics with special impregnation. And for floors, marble coverings with a special anti-slip texture. This is the European kitchen design in the best traditions of the modern classic.The design kitchen became an excellent continuation of the interior story of an elite villa.

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