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Contemporary Kitchen Design

Interesting design of the kitchen in a modern style was offered by interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. The interior is designed in the style of minimalism and is characterized by many-sided solutions in the use of decor materials and lighting. Kitchen design ideas are always aimed at creating maximum functionality when using this space. This is a rectangular kitchen format with an insular working surface. This bold and original solution was the result of one of the wishes of our customers. They travel a lot and decided to embody the idea of one of their favorite restaurants in Asia where the food is prepared right next to the visitors. Modern kitchen appliances can easily implement such design solutions. To emphasize an insular working area, interior designers used a luxurious framing in the form of a beautiful marble with silver stripes on the floor.The super design of the kitchen pleased the customers with the perfect harmony of lines, materials, and textures. The design of the kitchen for the house is laconic due to the selection of furniture.Kitchen furniture with light facades occupies the kitchen space almost along the entire perimeter. This allows you to conveniently store everything you need. The interior and design of modern kitchens also imply the use of the latest storage systems. Today it is the most automated and high-tech designs that make the use of kitchen furniture as convenient as possible.The design of the kitchen Dubai harmoniously continued the design of other rooms. The curtains become a beautiful accent in the interior of the kitchen. This is a variant of Roman curtains premium class.Ideas for interiors design of kitchen by the studio Antonovich Design is always an exclusive solution. Our goal is to make the kitchen design not only comfortable and functional but also as luxurious as possible in any style.

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