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Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design

The design of the kitchen nowadays closely related to new technologies. Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design in the work on kitchen projects use modern technology and the latest storage systems.The interior design of the kitchen became part of the work on the project of the villa in a modern style. The spacious room continues laconically overall design concept. Here there is a laconic minimalism and extravagant features of a modern style. The design of the kitchen in a private house it is always the work on the space of a large area. Thanks to this, designers manage to create not only functional but also very luxurious interior.The interior design of the kitchen in a modern style is filled with lightness and freshness of design ideas.Laconic and respectable looks every square meter of the interior.Curtains for the kitchen are made of luxurious silk monophonic bronze hue. White Italian marble on the floor is delineated with thin lines of polished brass. Such details give a particularly exquisite charm to the interior. A special configuration of the premises made it possible to combine the kitchen area and the dining area.Even more, these two rooms are almost independent. The interior design of the kitchen in high-tech style is always filled with moments of intellectual comfort. Behind the flat facades hidden the newest kitchen appliances, convenient storage systems and a competent arrangement of shelves and boxes.Working on the design project of the kitchen, we always think over the algorithm of actions of our customers in the kitchen. The interior design of kitchen in modern style with high-tech accents is one of the most popular interior design options.Thus, interior designers emphasize the bright individuality of the owners of the house.Modern interior design of the kitchen, it is creativity with engineering notes. And each design project of the kitchen from Antonovich Design serves the main purpose - providing the perfect comfort and coziness for our customers.

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