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Royal kitchen design

The modern design of the kitchen can be confidently distinguished as the most versatile and interesting art.After all, working on the project, interior designers are trying to combine new technologies, maximum comfort and create a luxurious space.And designers of the interior studio Luxury Antonovich Design is successfully succeeded in it. Each design project becomes a source of joy and warmth of home coziness.And the kitchen itself becomes a favorite place in the house. The design of a kitchen-living room, this is how you can define this author's design project. In a large premise on the first floor, there is a kitchen, dining area, insular bar counter and a small living room area with a sofa and armchairs.The design of the kitchen in the house became one of the moments of absolute comfort.During a meal, you can admire the beautiful view and landscape outside the window.The interior and design of the kitchen harmoniously continue the interior design concept. The interior design of the classic kitchen corresponds to the best traditions of palace luxury. The tall windows were decorated with magnificent curtains of beautiful green-tinted fabric with printed patterns. The curtains are complemented by a wave of soft lambrequin with golden fringe.The design of the large kitchen looks very aristocratic and respectable.The high ceiling in the best traditions of classical style is decorated with stucco decor.The floors of natural marble with carved patterns not only decorated the interior but also supplemented it with practicality.Design for the kitchen is always a separate interior story, which is devoted to the comfortable cooking of food, and a cozy stay with the family. Variants of kitchen design can be very different, but the main rule of comfort and functionality remains unshakable.The design of the kitchen, photos of which can be seen in the portfolio of our embodied projects is a vivid confirmation of that.

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