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Villa kitchen interior design


Our chief designer Katrina Antonovich built this wonderful kitchen – in a two-story villa construction. Our amazing team incorporated a neoclassical design with white, beige, and gold details. We were able to take advantage of our joinery skills because we also designed and built the cabinet that is installed in this kitchen. Customized and unique, these cabinets have carvings on them to keep up with the neoclassic interior. The ovens, sinks, and other appliances are all in built-in storage to keep the look of the kitchen uniformed and elegant. To keep the elegant look, we designed and paired the beige cabinetry with gold details that have a damask carving which reflects the art-deco design. We added a kitchen island which lets people have smaller meals like breakfast or snacks. The custom-designed kitchen counter is a strong statement in this kitchen design. We made sure that the interior would fit well in the structure of the house which is proportional to the entire kitchen. The kitchen originally has a high ceiling which is very important for the kitchen interior. Our designer created a fun statement, but still, maintained the classic characteristics of the home. Starting from the neutral walls, with bold splashes of gold, our team has combined a well balanced traditional and modern look. This kitchen is a large proportion which makes it easy to install all the necessary components to give it a full look.


If there is one style that celebrates elegance, luxury, and opulence, then it is none other than the classic interior design. It started out so many years ago that until today it is still applied in homes to reflect a lustrous look in any home. The classic style never goes out of trend and it still looms as one of the most popular interior styles. Here are some characteristics of this classic kitchen design that our team put up for our latest client.

  • Flooring: The marble flooring creates a truly ‘vintage’ loo that makes the kitchen look more classic.
  • Kitchen decor: Ever looked at a truly exceptional classic kitchen design and wondered how the unique space have been made? For our amazing team, it is all about giving your kitchen a distinct personality which truly represents you and your style.
  • Kitchen Island: Kitchen islands are an optional addition to any kitchen decor. It is important that it is placed well to make sure that it is more functional and helpful to the kitchen itself.

Our amazing team will do anything to provide you the best service that you need. From the start, up to the final finishes of your kitchen, our amazing team will always be there with you in every step if the way.

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