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If you need to design a very small space, then it is not necessary to limit yourself in the desire to create luxurious comfort. Even in the smallest room with the right arrangement of furniture, with the help of correctly selected accents, you can create cozy and comfortable interior. In this example, we want to demonstrate how a very cozy studio variant can be created from a small room, where a small living room is combined with a small kitchen. At the same time, the comfort of the interior remains. Designers offered a pretty bold decision in terms of choosing a range of shades. Traditionally it is believed that a small space should be decorated only in light colors to make it visually greater. But there is a completely different rule, sometimes it is the dark shades in contrast with the lighter that will lengthen and increase visually height of the room. Interior designers use in this project a cool and muted shade of gray, sometimes with a hint of silver and dark color of natural wood. Natural wood always serves as a source of a very strong sense of the warmth of nature itself in the interior. In this project, the most the walls decor is of dark wood. This element significantly increases the height of the room. And against the background of such walls the soft furniture in upholstery made of velvet of gray color looks great. This color of furniture allows you to visually dissolve a large sofa in the room.

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