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When you get into the space of such a kitchen, the time stops suddenly, the world around is filled with happy emotions and you seem to be out of time and space. For example, in the interior of the royal palace or own country residence. But we are only going to talk about the kitchen interior design for an elite apartment. Designers of the interior studio Luxury Antonovich Design filled the atmosphere of the kitchen with the mood of palace luxury. The classic style, in this case, has acquired a very solemn and festive character. The main decoration of the interior, of course, was kitchen furniture. Beautiful facades of pearl white color are complemented by carved ornaments and light gilding. Behind them are elegantly hidden the newest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances. As a working surface, a noble material such as marble was chosen. A light stone with beautiful natural veins looks especially picturesque thanks to additional accents in the form of LED lighting. With the help of a certain ceiling configuration, designers make the height of the room visually higher. A deep niche along the entire perimeter is highlighted by a line of soft illumination, and in the center is decorated with a magnificent crystal chandelier. In the decoration of flooring, a large ornament made of carved marble looks very beautiful. The combination of light marble and dark brown makes this part of the space more expressive. The kitchen table with soft chairs in the upholstery of dense lilac silk serves as a kind of dining area with a hint of royal luxury.

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