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Kitchen décor interior Miami

Marble for Countertop

In a kitchen, it is best to create a long-lasting and functional design that is timeless. The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home and the options for design is endless. The natural material marble adds a luxurious effect to any kitchen design. The countertop is a critical choice to make the kitchen aesthetic work. The marble countertops are breathtaking and natural, which is a high demand just because it is very pleasing to see and watch. It is also customizable with different colors but in this model, the Luxury Antonovich Design Firm used the classic black and white marble which is a classic staple design. It is perfect for the kitchen since marble stones are very heat resistant. Its going to be there for a long time and so it is important that your countertop can stand with the heat of the kitchen. It wont crack or even break a little. It is indeed expensive but thinks about it as an investment.

Golden Accents

Having gold as your kitchen interior is very much luxurious and opulent. The cabinet paints are a little bit matte, but the gold accents give it a total texture especially in the handles and other accenting parts of the kitchen. It gives a great contrast to the marble floors and countertops. The off-white base paint also gives a subtle dramatic effect. Accessorize your kitchen with the crystal chandeliers that will help glam up your kitchen space.

Classy Interior

The interior design of the kitchen has become an excellent continuation of all the conceptual solutions that were offered by the best designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design for a large house. Even at the stage of architectural design, the authors of the project were inspirited with the ideas for such premises as a kitchen and a dining room and allocated a large space for them on the ground floor. Working with a large area is always nice. After all, in this case, there is an opportunity to realize all the ideas and decisions, creating absolute comfort for the owners of the house. The large and spacious room looks even more visually bigger, thanks to the use of light colors. The most concise element of the decor in the interior of this kitchen is the floor. However, it does not detract from the overall gloss. After all, interior designers offered a luxurious Italian marble of light cream color. The decor of the ceiling is very bright and extravagant. With the help of two niches with a line of backlighting around the perimeter, designers zoning space. Geometric pattern with gilding lines, inserts from mirrors and elegant chandeliers in the style Art Deco give the kitchen interior a very elegant and festive mood. The cooking process will also take place in a very comfortable environment. The organization of the space is thought out to the smallest detail, and noble and practical materials are chosen for working surfaces. Soft chairs in the interior of the kitchen brought a touch of cozy comfort.

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