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Modern kitchen design Miami

When it comes to the design of interiors of large houses and country residences, the kitchen design becomes so big deal that it can be equated to a design project for an apartment. In this example, we want to present the design of a kitchen for an elite house. This option included the design of the kitchen itself, as well as a small living room and dining area. All these premises are united in a single space on the ground floor of the house. In a small but very cozy and luxurious living room, you can enjoy meals and drinks while watching movies on a large plasma panel. In the decor, interior designers used all those moments that are present in the rest of the rooms. The window was decorated with luxurious Italian curtains. Upholstered furniture with carved decor and gilding filled the space with the charm of royal luxury. Molded decor and elegant chandeliers in the decor of the ceilings complete this beautiful solemnity in the interior. The living room smoothly flows into an interesting variant of the dining area. Interior designers violated traditions and canons and offered a very convenient option for a large counter with a tabletop made from natural marble, which is surrounded by soft chairs in beautiful upholstery. Such a bold move is justified. After all, according to the draft of the house for the reception of guests, there is a separate large dining room. And here you can get together with your family at any time of the day. A warm palette of hues and juicy accents create the right mood of happiness in the interior.

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