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Kitchen with Family Dining Room Setup

Dubai UAE kitchen design is the direction to which the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design pays great attention. This is a room in the house, which is always most actively visited. It is very important to combine functionality and ergonomics with the beauty and warmth of home comfort. And this variant of kitchen design in Dubai UAE became the embodiment of the best that exists today in the field of kitchen interior design. The advantage of the project was that for the kitchen was allocated a fairly large room with a high ceiling and two windows. This solution, interior designers Dubai UAE used to organize two zones. Kitchen zone and dining zone. The lush and elegant image of the interior has become a harmonious continuation of the interior design concept of the elite house in Dubai UAE. In general, the pastel palette of cream and milky shades prevails in the kitchen. This pastoral diluted with bright accents of curtains and furniture elements. A large window was decorated with beautiful curtains with a lambrequin. The combination of rich purple hue and creamy gives the decoration of the window a very elegant look. The window that is located in the kitchen area is decorated with a Roman blind in the same color combination. Soft chairs in the dining room area with a noble bearing are upholstered in noble velvet and encrusted with carved decor with gilding. The ceiling was decorated with a large niche with stucco and two elegant crystal chandeliers. If the chandeliers serve to visually distinguish the centers of each of the zones, then the floor decor in this design kitchen project in Dubai UAE has become a unifying element. Beautiful Italian marble with carved patterns fills the interior of the kitchen with a special solemn mood. All kitchen furniture became a beautiful reflection of palatial luxury. And behind these beautiful facades hidden elements of new storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances. This is a perfect example of a combination of beauty and functionality in the kitchen interior in a private house in Dubai UAE

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