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Interior Kitchen Design in the UAE

The charming kitchen interior continues charming living room interior. Apartment Design in Dubai is filled with pleasant warmth and freshness. Delicate shades of creamy are diluted with accents of bright juicy purple hue. The kitchen is separated from the living area with graceful columns that are topped with snow-white capitals. Lines of soft blue backlight that delineate the top of capitals, give more expression to this part of wall decor. Kitchen meets with the cozy dining area. The round dining table made of wood, which is painted in a milky white color, surrounded by charming soft chairs with oval backs. The chairs are upholstered in a noble velvet of purple hue. This part of the interior with bright and cozy accents is surrounded by luxury kitchen furniture. Facades of cream-colored furniture are inlaid with carved decor. The highlight of the apartment interior in Dubai has become a luxury marble fireplace in the dining area. In such circumstances, each meal will be filled with a special spirit of elegance and romance. Niche on the ceiling is delineated with and a line of lights in the middle and is decorated with elegant chandelier. In each project of the design studio Dubai floor decor becomes a highlight of the interior. In this project, on the bright marble surface the kitchen is decorated with refined curls of unique ornament. Kitchen interior design elegantly repeats design motifs of the apartment.

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