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The modern classic is always associated with extreme elegance, grace, and aristocracy. And in this project, we are glad to present a new design of the kitchen interior in the Neoclassic style. This style has become an excellent way to express warmth and hospitality in the interior. According to the project of an elite cottage, for the kitchen interior was allocated a large room on the ground floor. To embody all the design ideas, the authors of the project did a small redevelopment and divided the space into two zones. The kitchen area and a small and very cozy dining zone. The color palette of the interior is dominated by light pastel shades, mostly cream and pearly white. It is the white ceiling with the original decor with gilding lines and interesting geometric ornaments that make the interior more expressive and picturesque. Against the background of a ceiling, the kitchen furniture with quite laconic facades, behind which the newest storage systems and modern household appliances are hidden, looks very bright. For working surfaces, designers offered a luxurious and practical marble material. Light marble with a beautiful natural pattern brought to the interior a pleasant effect of natural warmth. For convenience, in the center, was placed insular furniture with additional drawers and a marble countertop. Here you can both cook and eat, sitting on comfortable soft chairs in upholstery made of silvery velvet. The interior is filled with a cozy mood with festive notes.

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